about cf/x

cf/x is a small company specializing in electronic media processing and effects. we provide artistic and technical support to our clients. our goal is to aid our customers in enriching their artistic work, making the process of creation easier and more fun.

our mission and goal:

  • provide support (both technical and artistic) for post-processing of digital artwork
  • provide effective, fun, interesting and creative plug-ins that help making Apple's iMovie even better
  • make these plug-ins available to everyone at prices that everyone can afford
  • become one of the top two iMovie plug-in vendors world-wide
  • become the number one brand with regard to customer satisfaction

in pursuit of these goals we offer the following services:


our services
we offer the following services:

  • digital post-processing
  • custom-built plug-in / effects for Apple's iMovie
  • iMovie plug-ins for download

even though we are small and artistically inclined this doesn't mean we are technically un-savvy. all our business is done electronically, ensuring efficient, fast and fun service globally, and across all time boundaries.

(plase note that as of october 2007 we are booked until at least the end of 2008, and can only accept new clients as an exception)


video post-processing
after you are done shooting your footage, there is a lot of work to be done. We are there to help you to improve the footage, match color tones, and support your post-processing needs. please contact us for more information.


custom-built plug-ins/effects for iMovie
do you need a certain effect but can't find the plug-in for it? are you losing precious time by repeatedly applying the same chain of effects over and over again? perhaps you can save your project (and yourself) some time, nerves, and money by having us produce a custom-curtailed plug-in. depending on the complexity of the problem, these plugs can be produced quickly, and at very low cost to you - sometimes almost for free. please
contact us for more information.


iMovie plugin suite
we have produced a wide range of low-cost professional-level iMovie plug-ins that you may download for free. some plugs are free, others will cost you a tiny fee. if you like the plug-in you can register with us to remove the 'please register' message. our plug-ins are available as downloads only and can only be purchased electronically. the upside of this is that although the plug-ins provide professional control and production values, they are priced at consumer level. now you can create effects in iMove that would be difficult to achieve in Final Cut Pro. and, you can try before you buy to your heart's content.


purchasing products from cf/x
we are digital art enthusiast just like you. we want you to be able to afford our products. we want you to enjoy the product and leave you hungering for more. that is why our pro-quality products are available at prices lower than consumer level. however, this price may come at some inconvenience for you, our customer:

currently, our plug-ins are priced so that they hopefully cover the cost they incur in sales and support. at this price, we cannot afford costly on-line licensing schemes. the payment processing back-end we use is the most cost-effective solution we found without sacrificing security. it still costs us a lot (sometimes more than 30% of the product's price).

therefore, if you purchase a license from us, you may have to wait up to one business day for your registration code. also, there is no packaged product you can buy. all our products are sold on-line only. we also do not provide a telephone help line (although we do answer all our email). we hope you understand and find this acceptable.


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