welcome to our news archive. this page contains our news articles from januar 2004 to december 2004. news articles are sorted according to their age. youngest ones are in front.


we will help the relief effort - dec 27th, 2004
we at cf/x feel deeply for the people that have been devastated by the indian ocean tsunamis. it is our belief in events such as this we should put aside our differences, and help. cf/x pledges all income from our plug-ins during january 1st through january 7th 2005 to the victims of the tsunamis. so if you want to help the relief effort, please purchase your plug-ins during that time


new effect: lens filter - dec 6th, 2004
the digital equivalent (and much more) to camera lens filters, and one of themost powerful plug-ins we have ever created. this plug-in separates color and strength in two powerful, easy-to-use tools that allows you to assemble and emulate more than a million different real-world lens filters in a matter of seconds. and if that is not enough, simply draw your filter and strength map in any graphic app and import it into this plug-in.



simple mask updated - dec 1st, 2004
while gearing up for our next extremely cool plug-in, we have updated one of our most powerful plug-ins: simple mask. the new version can do everything it could before, but we have overhauled the user interface. you can now directly set the transition size, as well as minimal and maximal opacity from the live preview window.


new effect: 3d color rotate
now how do you like the following: take a color. interpret as 3d coordinate. pick second color. roate first color around second. try to predict what comes out. add some border exception stuff. this (and more) happens when ingenuity runs amock. the result is a very usable (if strange) color effect that sports close to infinity color effects. and makes your head hurt when you try to understand what it actually does...



new effect: emboss (tinted) -- nov 22nd, 2004
ok, the preview looks awful, we know. just trust us when we tell you that the real effect looks much better. anyway, this is a color effect, which will emboss the colors on your clip. the effect comes loaded with features, and is free. what more can you ask?


new effect: simple caption - nov 15th, 2004
adding text messages to your clip - the way you want it (and yes, it works with iMovie 3!). we have listened to all the feedback, and took typewriter's interface as a base for a simple captioning plug-in. now you can easily add any text message to your clip - in a simple, straightforward way. with all the features you have come to expect from a cf/x plug-in, such as live preview, simple position and sizing, transparency, etc.



typewriter / computer updated - nov 9th, 2004
we have added a new cursor (by popular request: underline), and improved font handling. now charcoal is the default font, and the plug-in remembers the last selected font.


timer updated - nov 3rd, 2004
it appears that an intermittend bug has slipped by our testing. looking for, and finding it took quite some effort, and we still are at a loss to explain how and where it happens (the more advanced form of this bug we couln't re-produce). we ended up re-writing the whole rendering part of timer, and now the bug should be gone. so, if you experienced any crashes with timer, please update.


new effect: typewriter / computer - nov 1st, 2004
this effect (note that this is not a title, so it works fine with iMovie 3) emulates typewriter and computers while writing your message on the clip. more features that you can shake a keyboard at include various cursors, backgrounds, and message speed modes. perfect for the message that you couldn't create with the 'typewriter / terminal' title that came with iMovie.



panel updated - oct 28th, 2004
panel, our post-processing plug-in to (surprisingly enough) add all kinds of panels to your clips, has been updated. it now sports all the features that you would expect from a cf/x plug-in, such as live preview, and a real-size work environment.


negate b/w updated - oct 20th, 2004
the next plug-in in line to be levelled to 1.3 is negate b/w. it now sports live preview, and our improved interface controls. it remains free.


new effect: 3d cube -- oct 17th, 2004
so we have finally finished our technology showcase for 3d plug-ins. we have put our 3d core engine into a little plug-in that lets you fold your clip around a cube, and then let this cube spin in 3d. controls are only rudimentary (but enough for some cool effects), since this is a tech demo more than anything else. but then, this plug-in is also free.



flicker updated - oct 13th, 2004
while busy at work with our first 3d effect, we still have squeezed in some time to bring one of our most venerable plug-ins, 'flicker', up do date. we have added live preview and the rest of the interactive features you expect from our plugs.


jerk updated -- oct 07th, 2004
we have completely re-written our 'nightmare'-plug-in, jerk. it's now in-line with all our other advanced plug-ins: live preview of effect, cooler interface, better vibes. and it's still free. upgrade now.


new transitions: flip page -- oct 05th, 2004
experimenting with 3D effects, we have come up with this first true 3D transition that flips the current clip, revealing the next clip on it's back side. a neat little transition that is further enhanced by the fact that you can set the background color and the depth of the 3D effect.



new plug-in: timer -- sep 27th, 2004
so you want to add some time information to your clip? well, look no further than this incredible effect plugin (this is not a title/text plug-in!). place the timer anywhere on your clip, choose any color and font, optionally add a backdrop, interactively size the timer, and then the fun begins:



chose one of three timer modes: timer, count-down, and calculated (you tell the plug the time for the first and the last frame, and the plug does the rest). play around with 11 different time formats, use time dilation, and make the timer slightly transparent. and preview everything in real-time. all in a single, plug-in. now, this is how text effects should work...


upper cap and lower cap updated -- sep 22nd, 2004
we have completey re-written our venerable color effects 'upper' und 'lower' cap. they remain free, so get them now.


new effect: clip snapshot -- sep 20th, 2004
a tool as obvious as inexistent. with this free plug-in, you can quickly take a snapshot of any part of any frame, and export it to file (at different file formats) or clipboard. use this plug-in for easy integration into your storyboard, documentation, or illustration cycle. oh, and it's free, so download it now!



zoom updated -- sept 15th, 2004
one of the best just got better. we have worked this plug-in's interface over, eliminating the admittedly annoying 'red/green rectangle selection' problems by adding a pop-up. we polished the interface, and made the formerly red rectangle blue (because, red for 'start' was a silly choice'). and we implemented fully interactive preview. drag the source rectangle, and watch the 'tween' rectangle move accordingly. if you are looking for a zoom plug-in, you'd better check this one out.


new transitions: multiple wipes -- sep 13th, 2004
when a single wipe isn't enough. these transitions are based on soft wipes, but add the capabilities to repeat the same wipe multiple times with increasing opacity. these plug-ins support 14 different directions, and up to 6 sequential wipes.



hsl updated -- sept 1st, 2004
we have updated hsl: removed a small bug, and added some nice interface enhancements.


new transitions: pixellate - aug 30th, 2004
based on our pixellate ('witness protection') effect, we have created a set of cool-looking transitions. as you expect, you can control the pixellation factor.



darken/brighten updated -- aug 27th, 2004
we have further enhanced one of our most useful (and popular) plug-in: darken/brighten. It now sports direct read-out of your settings, and a reset button to return the sliders to neutral. we've also added a frame counter, just because we were at it. darken/brighten remains free. enoy!


new transitions: turn page -- aug 22nd, 2004
this is a cool new transitions that simulates a 'turn the page' 3D effect - complete with user-adjustable settings for drop shadow intensity, and page thickness. tres cool, and fun as well.



simple rotate -- more features -- aug 18th, 2004
after adding the 'outside' and 'clip' features to turn clip, we added them to simple rotate as well. and since we were at it, we've also added new code to eliminate the jaggies when rotation was set to 90, 180, and 270 degrees. the plug-in is available immediately.


new transition: rectangle! -- aug 16th, 2004
create over two million impressive transitions with this incredible plug-in! subdivide the clip into up to 10'000 rectangles, and transition each rectangle independently according to one of over forty different sequences! then try a host of additional options, such as randomized or variable fade times. this plug-in allows incredible transition variety within a move while still remaining within a theme.



turn clip updated (again) - aug 12th, 2004
oops. ok, we goofed up here. turn clip has been updated again, and the registration message has been removed. sorry about that. ah, and we're back.


cf/x offices closed aug 9th to aug 11th
because an on-location gig requires our physical presence (we couldn't believe it either), our offices will be closed from august 9th to august 12th, and we will not be able to answer any emails.

our web site will remain open. therefore, you will still be able to purchase plug-ins, but you'll receive your registration code on august 12th as soon as we return.


turn clip updated - aug 9th, 2004
just before walking out on our on-location shooting, we have released our updated (and enhanced) 'turn clip' plug-in. check out the new options, and cool live preview. it remains free.


simple rotate updated - aug 7th, 2004
simple rotate has been updated as suggested by david friedlander (synchronised start stop) and holger mayer (improved interface). and while we were at it, we've also removed a bug which let the effect draw outside the active rectangle.


new transition: soft wipes - august 2nd, 2004
we have released the first set of our alpha-based transitions: soft wipes. they are quite impressive, and a big step up from simple wipes. this set of soft wipes can wipe in eight different directions, and you can control 100 levels of softness in the wipe.



cf/x turns one! -- aug 1st, 2004
it's been exactly one year since we've opened our web presence. it was a great year, and response has been much, much better than we could have hoped for. In the past year we have released 86 plug-ins (76 effects, 1 title, 9 transitions), totalling over 10'000 effects (depending on how you count them, of course). it's been a great year, and we are looking forward for an even better second year. let's rock!


no release this week, sorry -- july 27th, 2004
due to an unexpectedly late (but incredibly fun) video project we had to postpone the release of our next plug-in for a week. we have finished the video, and are now working double-time on the next release. see you next week!


new transition: pixel pull -- july 20th, 2004
we have created another new transition that looks a lot cooler in action than it sounds. pixel-pull will pull in or out a clip as if it was on a piece of highly elastic rubber. try it out!



emphasise color updated - july 14th, 2004
we have incorporated all the new methods developed for emphasis into emphasise color, and made the plug-in even more powerful.


new transition: random lines - july 12th, 2004
another week, another transition. this time, we have created that randomly, line by line, transitions from clip to the other. you can choose horizontal/vertical alignment, and width of the lines. as usual, the fade-in and fade-out let you fade to a color of your choice. best of all, this transition is free.



emphasis updated - july 7th, 2004
we have worked over 'emphasis', our 'color-reinforcement plug', and given it all the cool features our new code base provides. and while we were at it, we have added not one, but two new color processors, for even better color fidelity. how do you like that? plus, the price remains steady at FREE!


new transition: burn through - july 5th, 2004
another cool plug-in has joined our growing portfolio of transitions. this one can be describes as a 'color burn-through' - hence the name. try it now.



flatten color and flatten channel updated -- june 30th, 2004
our color special effects flatten color and flatten channel have been updated to version 1.2.0, receiving most of the cool features our 'reference class' plug-ins have.


new transition: color height -- june 28th, 2004
we have produced a cool new transition that uses a per-pixel method to transition individual pixels. try it out!



motion detect updated - june 24th, 2004
as our update spree continues, motion detect, one of our most popular free plug-in, has received the 'live preview' treatment, and now sports all the features our other new plug-ins enjoy.


simple rotate updated - june 24th, 2004
we have brought simple rotate up to the newest core, and added all the new features it provides. simple rotate is now at version 1.2


cmy updated - june 22nd, 2004
cmy has also been updated to the new core.


band disturbance updated - june 22nd, 2004
the venerable (and free) 'band disturbance' plug-in has received our new core, and all features that come along with it: live preview, DV-sized prevew, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera...


new transitions: noise fade - june 20th, 2004
another transition to spicen up your movie: our nosie fades can fade to noise (which can be any color you choose), and back. this effect makes for great transitions that look far more interesting than pure blends.



updates to all transitions - june 19th, 2004
a small bug in our fade-in transition code base has forced us to update all transitions (since they are all based on the same code). the bug results in incorrect timing when using the fade-in part of the transition (all others work correctly). the transitions affected are random pixel, any color fade, and split & slide. All transitions have been updated to version 1.1


line noise updated - june 18th, 2004
we have added a new feature to line noise that you will surely like: the ability to choose the color of the noise. and while we were at it, we also integrated our newest interface core, so you have proportional and symmetric sizing as well.


hsl and hsv updated - june 16th, 2004
hsl and hsv have received the required updates to support live preview, cancel, and symmetric and proportional area scaling.


new plug-in: split & slide transitions - june 14th, 2004
another transition joins our line-up. this transition can slipt your clip up to four-ways, fade to any color, and slide the parts into various directions. as always, we provide this as a set of three plug-ins: one crossfade, one intro, and one exit plug.



eliminate borders updated - june 11th, 2004
we added all our great new core features to eliminate borders - and made the active area selectable (as many of you requested). the plug-in remains free.


shift clip and roll clip updated - june 8th, 2004
we have updated shift clip and roll clip to our new core (version 1.2.0), that now also contains handling for cancel, proportional scaling, and symmetric scaling. the plug-ins remain free.


new plug-in: smooth / interlace -- june 7th, 2004
this new plug-in helps you smoothing slow-motion effects - either when the motion has become so slow that digital displays also show the jerkiness; or when you are playing slowed-down footage on an analog device.



new plug-in: random pixel transition -- june 1st, 2004
this plug-in allows you a great 'random dissolve' alternative to the good, but boring standard 'crossfade' transition. the package contains three plug-ins: a cross-fade, a fade-in, and a fade out. the in/out fades allow to dissolve to any color.



darken brighten updated -- may 28th, 2004
another one of our top-ten plugs has been updated to better live preview, faster execution, and improved multi-threading.


line noise updated -- may 26th, 2004
one of our most popular (if strange) plug-in has been worked over to receive DV sized preview, live preview, and the obligatory multi-threading improvements.


new plugin: frame edit -- may 24th, 2004
finally. frame edit has arrived, the drawing plug-in for iMovie. it gives you full drawing access to every single frame of your clip. it sports the following tools:

  • multiple brush sizes (1x1 to 8x8)
  • millions of colors (pick directly from clip or use color picker)
  • 256 levels of opacity for all tools (pen, line, fill, smudge, and picture)
  • fill
  • lines / boxes
  • stippled (dashed) lines with user-controlled stipple size
  • direct import/placement and re-size of pictures (with direct control of opacity)
  • smudge tool to get rid of those small errors

in short, it's the correction/retouch plug-in you have always wanted.


iMovie 3.x users - your attention please!
a bug in iMovie 3 prevents our plug-in's customization feature to work in all transitions and titles. our effects continue to work with iMovie 3. since this is an iMovie 3 bug, we can't do anything about it.


first cf/x transitions: any color - may 18tth, 2004
we have finally gotten around to expanding our code base to cover transitions. we have quite a few lined up for publications, and after we complete our line of essential f/x, we'll start releasing transitions, and more transitions.
to kick off our transitions, check out the free 'fade to any color' pack. it consists of three plug-ins: a fade-in, a fade-out, and a crossfade. each time, the effect is the same: fade to any color and/or back. and yes, these plug-in also support active areas, live preview, and live color pick-up. enjoy.



cycle color and cycle channel updated - may 15th, 2004
we have added DV-sized preview, live preview, and the improved multi-threaded core to our color effects plugin 'cycle color', and it's bigger sibling, 'cycle channel'. both have been bumped to version 1.1.0.


first title plug-in: airport text - may 10th, 2004
we are doing title plug-ins the way they should have been. our first title plug-in the free 'airport text' effect shows off everything that a title plug-in should be able to do, but currently doesn't (that is, unless you get it from us :-). the effect is rather lame (it mimics the old airport displays constructed from arrays of flip-over letters), but the plug-ins feature set is impressive:

  • position title directly on frame with mouse
  • preview title in NTSC DV size
  • live preview (including fade-in and out)
  • any text color
  • any shadow color
  • switch shadow on/off
  • graphically set font size (not via a stupid slider) on-screen
  • fade-in
  • fade-out
  • fades can be limited to half/time only
  • force mono-space for all fonts

oh, and did we mention that this plug-in is free?



the biggest problem we (still) have with this plug-in is that it shows iMovie's shortcomings rather prominently (which is a shame, really, since iMovie is an incredibly cool program). iMovie's user interface for titles is not well thought-out, and haphazardly programmed. we feel lucky that it works at all, and many inconsistencies (e.g. you must click on a control after changing the text, or the plug-in won't be passed the new text) are definitely something we can't control.

we still have some reservations regarding Apple's user interface for titles (which we really don't like), and might opt to revert to creating pure effects. until then, enjoy the plug-in!


channel control updated - may 10th, 2004
channel control, our free color effect has received NTSC DV-preview, live preview, and better multi-threading support.


site hosting upgraded - may 8/9th, 2004
because of high volume/traffic, we had to upgrade our hosting plan (again). this is why some parts of our site weren't available some time (depending where you live) between saturday and sunday. our site is now fully available again.


b/w plus one, updated again (sorry) - may 5h, 2004
we forgot to include the new plug-in in our new installer <blush>. We bumped bw plus one to 1.1.1, and now everything should be fine.


above threshold and below threshold updated - may 4th, 2004
not only have we added live preview and our new core, but we've enlarged the live preview area to NTSC DV. and we have added a new logic to trigger the effect if all or any channel exceeds / undeshoots the threshold.


crop updated - may 2nd, 2004
crop, our cool (free) plug-in to obscure (or highlight) parts of your clip has been updated to live preview and improved multi-threaded core.


new plugin: color by picture - may 1st, 2004
this small, elegant plug-in does something unexpected: it uses a clip for contrast, and a picture for color information. with it, you can super-impose a picture's color information on a clip, creating some stunning (if disorientating) effects.



color exchanger and halftone updated - may 1st, 2004
color exchanger and halftone have been updated to live preview and better support for multi-threading.


b/w gradual and hard contrast updated - april 26th, 2004
we have updated b/w gradual and hard contrast to live preview and better multi-threading support.


b/w plus one, bw colorizer updated - april 25th, 2004
we have added live preview and improved multithreading to
b/w plus one. and while we doing so, we've also added a new 'strictness' regime to give you more control over the color match algorithm. bw colorizer has also been updated (preview and new core).


new plug-in: color storm - april 22nd, 2004
prepare to be blown away. color effects are back - with a vengeance! this radical color effect is different in almost every way. firstly, it sports over 2500 alien color effects that defy any description (other than, well, alien). it manages to make
quicksiler / rainbow look positively pale in comparison. for it's effects it is based on more chaos then theroy, but that fact seemed to help. and finally, it works - but don't ask us how. explore 15 different 'storm fronts', and ride the turbolences until you have found your effect. definitely not for the faint at heart.



edge detect updated - april 20th, 2004
our popular free 'edge detect' plug-in (the one that turns clips into pencil drawings) has been updated to our improved interface and multi-threaded core. the update remains as free as the original. this update also comes with our new installer.


new plug-in: histogram - april 19th, 2004
so you want to see the distribution of brightness, hue, rgb or cyan in you clip? you need to insert a cool-yet-authentic looking animated histogram? cf/x histogram is just what you need. it comes loaded with more features than you'll ever need, and is free, too! also, we are testing our new installer software with this plug-in, so no more manual installation hassles, either! can it get any better?



brightness curve adjust and brightness euqalizer updated - april 15th, 2004
just like we updated the two rgb plug-ins, we now have updated our two super brightness-fidelity plug-ins to provide live preview. and since we were at it, we've also thrown in the improved multi-threading core. the update is free for all registered users.


rgb curve adjust and rgb euqalizer updated - april 14th, 2004
we have updated our two super rgb-fidelity plug-ins to provide live preview. and since we were at it, we've also thrown in the improved multi-threading core. the update is free for all registered users.


new plugs: HSL, CMY - april 12th, 2004
we now provide color correction plug-ins for all major color models.
HSL supports the hue-saturation-lightness color space, and CMY the cyan-magenta-yellow space.


color control updated - april 12th, 2004
we have updated color control. it now sports live preview, as well as the imporved multi-threading core.


new plug: HSV - april 11th, 2004
more color control for those that need it. hsv is the second in our series of color control plug-ins. hsv uses the hue-saturation-value color space instead of the more familiar red-green-blue. as such, it gives you direct control over the color 'vividness' (and yes, it can increase color vividness), and hue shift. try it!



new plug: gauss blur - march 31st, 2004
cool down your cpu, get that second processor, and crank up the gigahertz - gauss blur has arrived to humble your mac. and an impressive plug it is. not only can it 'gaussblur' an area of your clip (horizontally and vertically independently!), it'll also give your mac's fans (and we are talking ventilation here) a reason to exist! download it now!



photo paper, movie canvas, simple canvas updated - march 28th, 2004
we have released three updates to our plugs-in photo paper, movie canvas, and simple canvas. each time, the update removes the 16-bit screen interface bug. we've also added better multi-threading support for photo paper.


quicksilver rainbow updated - march 26th, 2004
a small cosmetic bug (affecting the interface of this plug-in) has been removed (in conjunction with 16-bit -- thousands of colors -- deep screens) from our flagship color effect. we have bumped it to version 1.0.3 - please update now.


mask bonus pack - march 25th, 2004
while working on a recent project, our art department came up with a number of interesting mask designs. we took them, and converted them for direct use in blend movies and simple mask. these masks are free for everyone to download and use, and are our way of saying 'thank you' to you. to download, please go to either plug's product page. enjoy.


movie canvas & simple canvas updated - march 22nd, 2004
we have added the 'smudge' tool to our movie annotating plug-ins,
simple canvas, and it's larger sibling, movie canvas. the smudge tool was requested by a lot of people as it allows you to slelectively blur/blend out pieces from the source clip (tatoos, serial numbers, blemishes, etc).


new plug: mix / blend movies - march 17th, 2004
this is it - simply the best movie mixing plug available for iMovie. it combines the capabilites of our ‘minify’, 'multiple movies' and 'simple mask' plug-ins into a single, powerful, and incredibly easy-to-use package, and then improves on them! within seconds you can mix, blend, and synchronize two clips in a professional and -- above all -- fun way. create burning knock-out letters, documentaries, video-walls, or whatever crosses your mind. this plug-in will combine two movies in more ways than you thought possible.



simple mask updated - march 11th, 2004
while working on our mix/blend plug-in, we've enhanced the built-in masking capabilities of our library. we have brought those additional features over to simple mask's mask generator. simple mask now can limit lower and upper transparency, and shift the mask up/down and left/right from within the mask generator.


new plug: jerk - march 8th, 2004
jerk is a free iMovie plug-in that will make motion in a clip 'jerky', giving the clip a distinctively surreal, nightmarish quality. the plug-in can reduce frame rates (fps) from 30 (DV) to anything around 1.8. one use is to give your clip a 'super-8' feeling (especially in conjunction with our 'flicker' plug-in). since you can apply this effect to only parts of the clip, this can also create some really strange shearing effects when the frames shortly get our of sync.



simple canvas updated - march 4th, 2004
after updating movie canvas, we have brought simple canvas up to date with the code we added to movie canvas: multiple resolutions (VGA, DV PAL, DV NTSC) and improved multi-threading core.


movie canvas updated - march 3rd, 2004
we have updated movie canvas to our new core architecture. as the other plugs, it should now behave better with multi-processor macs (not that it disbehave - it just wasn't as fast as it could)


new plug: pixellate - march 2nd, 2004
this iMovie-plugin takes part of your clip, and 'enlarges the pixels', creating a 'witness protection'-style result. you can choose the active area, horizontal, and vertical pixel size (independently!). used in conjunction with the optional opacity, it can also be used to create some exceptional ‘digital halos’.



simple mask updated - february 24th, 2004
we have updated simple mask to our new core architecture. it should now run slightly better with multi-processor macs.


quicksilver / rainbow updated - february, 24th, 2004
quicksilver rainbow is our first plug-in to incorporate the improved multi-threading core. and while we were at it, we've updated the bandwidth slider to update live while you are using it.


new plug: photo paper b&w - february 23rd, 2004
this plug-in simulates different kinds of black & white photo papers. you have control over the paper's sensitivity, enabling you to create some very nice 'film noire' and other artistic effects.



new plug: aspect ratio - february 18th, 2004
this iMovie plug-in changes the clip's aspect ratio, either enlarging or shrinking the clip. it's primary use is to re-establish the correct aspect ratio after rotating a non-square pixel clip, or after importing footage from a different video format (e.g. TV, NTSC<-->PAL, 16:9). the plug-in sports pre-sets to convert between the most common video-formats, which can additionally be overriden by hand-tuning +/-50% in both the horizontal and vertical direction.



new plug: turn clip - february 18th, 2004
this free iMovie plug-in rotates your clip exactly 90, 180 or 270 degrees. since DV clips are not square, parts of the clip will be lost when rotating 90 or 270 degrees, and the clip will show bands of a (user defined) color left and right of the formerly narrow parts.



update: all plug-ins - february 14th, 2004
we have actually gone the extra mile, and have updated every single of our (over sixty) plugs to interact better with iMovie 4. as a result, our plug-in are now correctly grouped, something that iMovie 3 didn't implement. we did not change any plug's version number, but if you want to take advantage of this feature, you must download the plug anew.


update: twist color - february 12th, 2004
the same 'anomality' in iMovie also affected twist color. this has been removed.


update: simple rotate - february 12th, 2004
an undocumented change in iMovie 4 made simple rotate behave strangely. we have finally tracked down the problem, and eliminated it.


quicksilver rainbow: tiny bug removed - february 12th, 2004
no matter how hard we looked, we overlooked a small bug where the plug wrote outside the dialog. our thanks go to james lipton for pointing that one out to us. a 1.0.1 version can be downloaded immediately.


new plug: quicksilver / rainbow - february 11th, 2004
quicksilver / rainbow is by far one of the most ambitioned, advanced, and versatile color effects plug-in you'll come across. convert your movie clip to quicksilver, give it psychadelic colors, make it a warm autumn afternoon, a cold surreal dream, or simply a b&w clip with varying photo paper sensitivity. the possibilities are endless, and, since the plug-in supports live preview, fun to explore.




update: eliminate borders - february 3rd, 2004
we have received a lot of positive feedback for this plug - it seems that there is a real demand for this plug. so much, in fact, that we have decided to further enhance this plug (just because it's free doen't mean that it has to be cheap :-). we've added brute-force bi-cubic interpolation in case an asymmetrical zoom produces ugly artifacts in your footage. beware, though. bi-cubic interpolation improves image quality - and hits your processor like a 20 ton weight. you buy quality at the price of time and nerves. still - it's cool to mention that you used bicubic interpolation for better results... and then smile while the others try to cover their blank stares.


new plug: eliminate borders - february 1st, 2004
based on a request from tim gregg, this free plug-in zooms your clip slightly, and thereby pushes out the original's border. it has been specifically written for the task of removing those ungainly borders that sometimes appear when converting from analog to digital source. the plug-in can preserve your clip's proportions, or let you alter horizontal and vertical zoom separately.



new plug: distort & twist - january 30th, 2004
grab any corner of the clip, and move it wherever you want. watch as you twist, stretch, flip, compress and otherwise distort the clip. apply a background picture, and you have an incredibly cool effect that's as great to look at as it's fun to create (and yes, we couldn't stop playing with this plug either!).



movie canvas updated - january 27th, 2004
we have updated movie canvas to 1.3 . major new feature is the addition of a PAL DV (720x576) canvas size. also we have combined the VGA, NTSC DV and PAL DV plugs into a single one that allows you to change the canvas size from within the plug



new plug: drop shadow - january 23rd, 2004
take a picture. define invisible color. place above clip. abracadabra! everything that's not invisible casts a cool shadow on your clip. this plug-in is so cool that even we can't believe it. it has it all - a touch of chromakey, some masking, a good measure of gaussblur, and some rolling. shake, stir, and pour liberally over your clip. done is an effect that otherwise would take hours to create - not to mention five different plugs. get it now. oh - and upgrade your mac if you want that dissolve and live feedback...


new plug: noise filter (combine) - january 17, 2004
this is a plug-in for very specialized applications: noise-reduction in low-light situations. it is based on the noise reduction method used in astronomy: combine two or more pictures of the same object, and eliminate noise by averaging. naturally, this plug-in works well only with clips that do not have fast-moving objects.


new plug: shift clip - january 14th, 2004
this is the companion clip to 'roll clip', except that insead of rolling, parts that are shifted off-screen remain offscreen. you can choose the color of the background that is revealed.


new plug: roll clip - january 12th, 2004
this plug simply rolls your clip left/right and up/down. parts that fall off screen on one side simply wrap to the other side. of course, you can let this effect only happen inside an area chosen by you.


new plug: motion detect - january 11th, 2004
‘motion detect’ highlights motion in your clips. it does this by comparing to successive frames, and high-lighting differences between those frames. the plug has additional controls to amplify changes, and to suppress very small changes. it can also super-impose the original frame over the changes.

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