welcome to our news archive. this page contains our news articles from januar 2005 to december 2005. news articles are sorted according to their age. youngest ones are in front.


new plug-in: simple zoom -- december 5th, 2005
bowing to popular demand, we have dedicated some of our time to creating some more plug-ins for the non-Intel platform. simple zoom is a plug-in that was requested specifically, and we are happy to have it finished in time for you before christmas. enjoy.


small enhancements to plug-ins, new plug-ins coming -- december 1st, 2005
while re-thinking the way you enter the registration codes we came upon a slightly
improved method, that will make the process much easier for you - in the future. this comes as a response to the great feedback and ideas we receive from you, our customers. another result of the feedback will be that we'll probably also release a few more plug-ins before we move to Intel.


simple rotate updated -- july 24th, 2005
we have added the capability for simple rotate to rotate a clip in smaller increments, making the rotation look smoother in longer clips. and while we were at it, we also added full HD capabilities.


picture in clip (static) updated -- july 18th, 2005
a small wrong assignement in the final build for picture in clip caused an ebarrassing bug. we have removed it, and have put the new version (2.0.1) on-line.


another update to savescreenie -- july 13th, 2005
a lot of you wrote in to tell us that there is a glaring oversight in picture formats: PICT, the original Mac format. we have added this, and two other, more obscure formats to the utility. enjoy.


savescreenie updated -- july 9th, 2005
based on the feedback of Adam C. Engst (the TidBITS guy), we have updated savescreenie, and added some minor tweaks and features.


a little utility for you: savescreenie - july 4th, 2005
while hard at work getting to know XCode better, we found out that OSX Tiger can use different file formats when saving screenshots. however, you need to use the terminal application to set the format. so we used XCode to whip up a nice front-end for everyone to use. if you are using Tiger and want to save screenshots in, say PDF, JPG, or even TIFF, just use this tool. it's free, small, and hopefully just what you wanted.


new plug-in: advanced crop -- june 27h, 2005
trat even though we are hard at work getting our plug-ins ready for the transition to Intel (plase read this), we created an extremely powerful plug-in. based on our widely popular 'crop' plug-in, this new one does what almost everybody suggested: crop to any shape. we added some other cool fatures, capabilities, and sprinkled some sugar on top. try it yourself - you'll wonder how you ever did without it.


Apple switches to Intel and how that affects cf/x -- june 9th, 2005
Apple's decision to switch from PowerPC processors may have some effect on Mac users. it will definitely have a great impact on small developers such as us. if you are interested on our take on this new development, please read our "editorial".


new plug-in: adjust size -- june 6th, 2005
the first new plug-in after HD conversion is a simple, yet powerful plug-in to simultaneously crop, and then enlarge/shrink your clip. this plug-in provides precise control over the amount to shrink/enlarge the clip, independent shrink/expand axis, and bi-cubic interpolation (when you need that little bit of extra quality).


HD update: edge detect (pencil) -- may 24th, 2005
one of our most populat plug-in, the 'pencil' effect, has not only been updated, but also received an additional feature (beyond the usual HD upgrade goodies): blend back. it still remains free, though. enjoy.


HD update: chromakey movie -- may 16th, 2005
one of our most famous (and respected) plug-in is finally up to HD: chromakey movie. this plug-in allows the 'reporter in front of white house' effect, commonly referred to as 'blue-' or 'green-screening'. the old plug-in already was called 'best-of-class'. the new version is just better. download it now.


HD update: chromakey static -- may 9th, 2005
chromakey static, our blue-/greenscreening plug-in has gotten HD support, and gained all the other cool features of the 2.0 core.


HD update: crop -- may 2nd, 2005
crop, our famous (if not notorious) utility to chop off parts of your clip has gone '2.0'. it gained all the cool new feature, while retaining it's old price: free. get it now.


works with Tiger! -- april 30th, 2005
all our initial tests show that there are no issues with OS 10.4 "Tiger". so far none of our plug-ins has experienced any problems.


HD update: brightness curve adjust -- april 25th, 2005
the other half of our photoshop-level brightness control plug-ins, brightness curve adjust, is now ready for departure. we have added live preview, the 2.0 core, HD compatibility, and lots more. check it out!



server migration complete -- april 21st, 2005
our server migration has completed successfully. since we have been assigned a new IP address, it may take a few days until you can read this.


server migration -- april 20th, 2005
our hosting provider migrates our server to a bigger iron to better be able to cope with the volume. as part of our migration, we will be assigned a new IP address. this means that we might not be reachable for a day or two. migration will commence on april 20th, 1700 GMT.


HD update: brightness equalizer -- april 18th, 2004
on the home stretch of our HD plug-in update string, we have added a host of cool new features to brightness equalizer, our pro-strength brightness control and adjust plug-in. Enjoy new pre-sets, live preview, and the cool 2.0 core functions with this classic plug-in.


HD update rgb equalizer-- april 11th, 2004
not only have we updated rgb equalizer to our 2.0 core -- no, we have also added a new live preview. and if that wasn't enough, we've also added a new pre-set menu for a host of settings to make your clip editing even more fun! ah, and we've also added a master f/x slider to blend the result with the original.


HD update: rgb curve adjust -- march28th, 2005
the 'photoshop-level' color control plug-in has been updated to version 2.0. and what an update it is! in addition to HD capabilities we have added a new real-time preview to the curve editor, and a slew of other great enhancements. check this out:



HD update: mix/blend movies -- march 23rd, 2005
say hello to the HD edition of mix/blend movies, one of our coolest composition plug-ins -- ever. it's gotten better, faster, meaner, and more fun as well.


HD update: simple mask - march 20th, 2005
next in line for HD update is simple mask. we have added all the cool features of the 2.0 core, and also implemented HD compatibility. enjoy.


HD update: multiple movies -- march 15th, 2005
finally. multiple movie, one of our most versatile, successful, and reknown plug-in has gotten 'the HD treatment'. improved interface, independent transparencies and frames as well. and it still can import animations, and work with transparencies in imported images (yes, it can also import pictures). and all in HD splendour, no less.


HD update: multiple pictures -- march 8th, 2005
one of our most popular plug-ins, multiple pictures, has been levelled, and received a host of cool new features. not only did this picture-in-picture plug-in receive full HD capabilities - no, we've also added individual transparency (per picture), live preview, individual frame size, and of course, the much improved interface. check it out



HD update: typewriter / computer -- march 2nd, 2005
the last text effect, typewriter computer, has been updated to fully support HD. in the process, it has gained all the other 2.0 core benefits. our text effect plug-ins are now completely HD capable, and we'll now turn to updating more of the other effects.


HD update: timer - february 28th, 2005
timer is next in line to receive the 2.0 core, along with the HD treatment. It can do everything as before, but now also in HD.


HD update: simple caption -- february 24th, 2005
our popular 'put some text into the clip' effect (not title) has been uplifted to 2.0. we've not only added full HD capabilities, but the plug-in also remembers settings between iMovie sessions. we still have not found the time to implement the roghly 2 million suggestions so kindly supplied by you, but will when we have the time


HD update: zoom -- february 21st, 2005
the next plug-in to receive HD capabilities is zoom. it can be downloaded immediately.


HD update: picture in clip (static) -- february 17th, 2005
picture in clip, our venerable plug-in to insert a (static) picture into a clip has received full HD capabilities - a mere few weeks after we updated it to 1.5 -- if we just had known then what iMovie 05 would bring...


HD update: aspect ratio -- february 14th, 2005
one of our most successful plug-ins has gained additional powers. it now can, with a single click, eliminate the black bars that appear when you import a 4:3 clip into a HD project. the plug-in sports three different processors (zoom, stretch, progressive stretch), and a host of additional features that make is a prime HD player as well as 4:3 TV.


HD update: pic in clip (moving) -- february 10th, 2005
our picture in clip (moving) plug-in is the first to receive the HD treatment. try it out for yourself! enjoy full (well, ok, half) HD splendour when setting up the picture to insert.


HD conversion has begun -- february 2005
we have begun the long process of converting our plug-ins to HD compatibility. this will push back the release of new plug-ins. existing plug-ins that are resolution-sensitive (such as our text effects, all canvas plug-ins and the plug-ins that insert footage into a move) will be updated first. after we have updated the affected plug-ins, plug-in development will be resumed, and the remaining plug-ins will be updated on a normal schedule.

the update to HD compatibility will allow you to switch to HD aspect ratio during editing, although our current implementation will not allow you 1:1 editing, as this would exclude too many monitors. rather, we'll provide you with a 860x540 (that's half of 1920x1080) view of the clip.



and the word is... -- february 6th, 2005
iMovie HD has finally arrived, and we began compatibility testing immediately. here are our most important results:

  • almost all effects plug-ins work flawlessly with iMovie HD
  • transitions now can use 10 seconds as maximum length - but our transitions still scale that to 4 seconds max. this will have to updated
  • when using HD format most plug-ins work perfectly - except all plug-ins that use anything requiring 16:9 aspect ratio adjustment (our preview converts a HD 16:9 aspect ratio to 4:3, and with consequently use a wrong aspect ratio for the effect). plug-ins affected by this are the canvas plug-in line, all picture/movie in clip plug-ins, and the text plug-ins (the text will appear squished).

we are re-scheduling updates immediately, and look to provide new HD capabilities for all new plug-ins.


waiting for iMovie HD -- january 31st, 2005
there is no sense in publishing new plug-ins unless we know how our existing plug-in work with iMovie 05. we are still waiting for it to be delivered to us, and expect to have it in a few days (it appears the trip to switzerland is looooong). we are not happy with this situation either, and thank you for your patience.


zoom updated -- january 27th, 2005
zoom has been updated to include the 1.5 core, and to fix a small bug pertaining to a memory leak.


new transition: tile explosion -- january 24th, 2005
since we had to pull the plug (ha, ha) on the development of another cool effect, here comes a different cool transition plug-in: tile explosion. it will subdivide your clip into a number of tiles (up to 169), and animate them, making it (among other things) appear to explode to reveal the next clip. a fun, if somewhat flashy transition (recommendation: don't use it to end a clip showing your mother-in-law).



picture in clip (moving) updated - january 19th, 2005
finally, picture in clip (moving) -- pict in clip statics larger sibling -- has also been updated to the 1.5 core. the new version has been updated to sport the full standard feature set: live preview, improved interface, and now also saved settings between iMovie sessions.


verizon customers - important note -- january 17, 2005
if you are a US verizon customer please note that - unless you tell verizon otherwise - all our emails to you will be blocked. as of 22-dec-2004 verizon has deceided that all email from europe is undesirable. we are based in switzerland, europe. our registration mail to you will be blocked, unless you switch your provider, or use a non-verizon mail box


new transitions: line cross-pull -- january 17th, 2005
the first set of transitions for 2005 has arrived. 'line cross-pull' is an unassuming, simple, yet very elegant way to transition two very different clips.



new registration tab - january 16th, 2004
as was suggested by many customers, we have created a page that allows you to purchase a registration code for every plug-in we have on offer (except for the free ones, because, well, the are free). this should allow you to purchase registration codes more quickly.


picture in clip updated - january 13th, 2005
pict in clip is not only one of our most successful plug-ins - it has also remained virtually unchanged for almost a year. today, however, that has changed. we have added our newest core to this clip - and this means live preview, much improved interface, and, finally, saved settings between sessions.


new effect: mis-align rgb - january 10th, 2005
so you want to simulate a shot vertical or horizontal hold? no problem! our newest plug-in can do this. not that this is an every-day effect, but the effect is cool non the less, and fun to experiment with. and indispensable for the art class people amongst us (for whom, by request, we built this one). just try it!



thank you for contributing to the indian ocean tsunami relief - jan 8th, 2005
a big thank you from everyone at cf/x to our customers who purchased plug-ins from january 1st through 7th! we have fully forwarded the amount of your purchase to the red cross tsunami relief.


new effect: shift / roll color - january 3rd, 2005
the first effect to open 2005's parade of cool new plug-ins is 'shift / roll color', a rather strange color effect. based on the mathematical peculiars of the way a computer sees colors, this plug-in provides a number of equally peculiar methods to alter them. look at this plug-in as our take on the new years eve fireworks.




we will help the relief effort - jan 1st, 2005
we at cf/x feel deeply for the people that have been devastated by the indian ocean tsunamis. it is our belief in events such as this we should put aside our differences, and help. cf/x pledges all income from our plug-ins during january 1st through january 7th 2005 to the victims of the tsunamis. so if you want to help the relief effort, please purchase your plug-ins during that time


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