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picture in clip (static) updated -- aug 27th, 2006
a small bug in picture in clip has finally been removed from picture in clip (static): you now can use the 'keep original proportions' function that was lost in 2.0.1 update.


summer break - jul 22 through jul 30th
for the first time in two years we'll again close our office for a week to enjoy the sun. during that time, no registration mail will be answered, as we are all anywhere but the office. we'll be back for you on the 31st of july. have a nice summer.


comcast doesn't know jack -- may 29th, 2006
we know this is a rather extreme statement, but Comcast has finally done it. over the past year they have repeatedly blocked our mail server IP, usually because they confuse Switzerland's '.ch' domain with China. while one can understand if average joe/jane user does this, it doesn't bode well for a company that should have net knowledge as their core competency. the result is that if you have Comcast as your provider, you can't get registration mails from us. we therefore strongly recommend you do not use Comcast as your internet provider - at last not for communication with us.


newer systems, more trouble - may 1st, 2006
more of our memory-intesive plug-ins become unstable as Apple moves forward. please read
here why.


noise filter updated -- mar 13th, 2006
a problem with the way iMovie 6 handles previews caused noise filter to crash. we have removed this bug, and now provided an installer for this vererable and popular plug-in. we had not, though, have the time to bring noise filter to 2.0 status. it simply works as it did before. now that's more than what can be said of many other so-called programs...


scheduled downtime -- feb 27/28, 2006
our offices will be off-line on moday and tuesday (feb 27/28). any purchase will be processed on wednesday, march 1st. our web site will stay on-line, though.


iMovie 6.0.1 patch restores plug-in compatibility -- feb 19th, 2006
beating us to the punch again, ever-vigilant Marc Lepage alerted us to the fact that iMovie 6.0.1 fixes the preview bug that prevented our plug-ins to be configured. After testing with a range of our plug-ins we are very happy (and immensely relieved) to announce that our plug-ins do run with iMovie 6. Once you upgrade to 6.0.1, that is. And our hat's off to Marc!




iMovie 06 does work with cf/x plug-ins -- if you really need it -- feb 7th, 2006
Marc Lepage wrote us to tell us that he did get iMovie 06 to work with our plug-ins (thanks, Mark!). to avoid the crash when configuring the plug-in, all you need to do is disable the new 'preview' feature (click into the 'X'). we must warn you that iMovie immediately forgets that you disabled the preview if you switch to any other effect -- but at least you can now use the plug-ins. just remember to save before doing so - just in case you forgot to disable the preview (and no, Apple does not provide a preference setting for permanently turning off the preview)



iMovie 06 is not compatible with our plug-ins -- january 29th, 2006
we are very disappointed to announce that Apple has broken compatibility with it's own published guidelines for creating iMovie plug-ins. as a result, our plug-ins cannot be configured in iMovie 06, making them next to useless. if you intend to use our plug-ins, you must use iMovie 05 or earlier. we hope to fix this, but it will take a while.


iMovie HD 06 compatibility - januar 22nd, 2006
well, the first reports are in, and it appears that not everyone is happy. Apple did not publish any new documentation regarding plug-ins, yet it seems that many plug-ins have problems with iMovie 06. we are still waiting for our own copy of iMovie 06, and therefore can't verify, nor remove any problems. since according to the documentation nothing has changed, the plug-ins should run. however, seeing how Apple breaks carbon compatibility (see the chromakey plug-in woes), this does not bode well...

therefore, please, please download and test the plug-ins before you purchase them


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