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cf/x-mas break dec 23rd to dec 27th, 2007
we will be taking a short break from december 23rd to december 27th to visit our families and loved ones. registration keys for any plug-ins purchased in that period will be sent out on december 27th and december 28th.


we wish you a merry xmas!



iMovie 08 not compatible with plug-ins -- august 13th, 2007
it is unfortunate, but apple has decided to start iMovie with a clean slate. some people may belive the slate is too clean, as not a single plig-in we created in the past four years works with it. iMovie has dropped all support for third-party plug-ins. you can read more


tile explosion transitions universal -- august 4th, 2007
we have updated tile explosion transitions - our take on 'explosive' transitions. while we were at it, we have signficantly increased the maximum number of animated tiles from over hundred to almost three thousand (looks great on HD footage, bewildering on normal), and re-worked the visibility processor that made some transitions look slightly 'wrong'. yes, we can't describe it either. but you'll see the improvement immediately.


3d color rotate universal -- july 29th, 2007
one of our wierder color effects has made it to universal. 3d color rotate takes a color, and, taking a page out of linear algebra (yes, we like to show off), rotates all colors in a clip around a freely definable origin. very difficult to understand, equaly cool effects. warning: just reading the documentation may make your head hurt. only for hardcore effects users.


negate color universal -- july 14th, 2007
the less-than-obvious color effect 'negate color' has successfully made the trip to the Intel side. this plug-in can do more than simply invert a color clip, but it can selectively, and gradually, invert a channel (red, green, blue). now,
why you should want to do that is a seperate question, but at least you now can.


random pixel small update -- july 7th, 2007
oh yeas, 07/07/07 has brough another update: when we published random pixel a few days ago, a small visual bug slipped by. that's fixed now.


line cross-pull transitions universal -- july 7th, 2007
hot on the heels pf random pixels follows line cross-pull. this plug-in features some of the most subtle transitions possible. just try the single-line configuration, and watch in awe as iMovie's video-codec goes to town on the result. no-one said transitions must be by the book.


random pixel transition universal -- july 1st, 2007
another transition has made the transition - this time we brough one of our personal favorites to Intel - random pixel fades.


crop universal -- june 23rd, 2007
finally. crop is now universal, and runs on Intel macs. best of all, it's still free. remember that this plug-in can't alter the size of your clip, just replace cropped parts with any color you like.


eliminate borders universal -- june 19th, 2007
another favorite has reached universal status. for those that don't know it: eliminate borders is the plug-in that can get rid of those annoying jaggies or black bars you so often get when transferring source material from one medium to another. oh, and since it's free, there is no reason not to download it. enjoy!


aspect ratio universal -- june 17th, 2007
after some intense head-scratching, we finally found the bug that held up the over-due release of one of our most important plug-ins. now format-changes, and hand-finetuning of a clip's aspect ratio is again possible.


4 universal updates -- june 10th, 2007
four plug-ins have joined the ranks of universal plug-ins this week:
upper cap, lower cap, below threshold, and above threshold. of course there is a system here, as all these plug-ins share much of the same code base. this time, we have decided not to change the price at all - two remain free, the other two cost next to nothing.


rectangles! transitions universal -- june 3rd, 2007
the end-all transition set. with over 3 million possible different combination one of our most powerful set of transitions. with it's transparency-based transition engine also one of our most stylish. it took us a really long time to get this plug-in to intel, as it defines a whole class of 'alpha-based' transitions, and relies on a now completely re-written rendering engine. version 3 now requires OS X 10.4 or later.


raqndom lines updated -- june 3rd, 2007
some small cosmetic fixes that we did not catch while we programmed the update (the same bugs that we found in pixel-pull, actually).


pixel-pull updated -- june 3rd, 2007
some small cosmetic fixes that we did not catch while we programmed the update


random line transitions universal -- may 27th, 2007
the popular free random line transition set has been released as universal binaries. get it while it's fresh. oh, and it's still free.


pixel-pull transitions universal -- may 25th, 2007
it surely took us long enough. porting a transitin required a lot more work than we originally planned (as everything else did, but we digress). but finally, today, we can announce that our first transition has made the, uh, transition to Intel.


timer universal -- may 23rd, 2007
after bringing simple caption to universal, we went the extra mile, and also updated timer, our popular stopwatch/24/documetary plug-in. it, too, has gained a lot of new and/or improved functionality, including a new (requested) timer mode: frame count. check it out. now.


simple caption universal -- may 19th, 2007
and so we
did bow to pulic demand. nearly half of all request for accelerated porting was for this plug-in. not so much an update as a full re-write, simple caption is now universal, and has improved dramatically: it can rotate text, outline it, has better size control, supports spacing, and text positioning works even better. and did we mention that we added advanced shadow support? and that it also supports unicode text? well it should (we don't use it, but were able to paste some unicode spam). as a slight drawback it only supports postscript fonts, but that's still a lot on our systems.


line noise universal -- may 17th, 2007
this simple, yet effective plug-in to simulate all kinds of interferences has made it to universal.


minify universal -- may 14th, 2007
the plug-in that can be used to create 'tv-safe' versions of your clip, or put the whole clip into a background image of your choice has gone universal. along the way it picked up a few new cool features, such as rotation, transparency, and 16 different blend modes. this intel thing might be a lot of work, but the plug-ins surely seem to profit from it. we hope you like it.


gauss blur universal -- may 9th, 2007
our based-on-far-out-technology plug-in gauss blur is ready for Intel. so plug it in, and humble your core duo. 'cause that what gauss blur is there for.


new plug-in: align & straighten -- may 5th, 2007
based on customer feedback (and one direct request), we have released the first new plug-in this year: align & straighten. it combines functionality from 'crop', 'zoom', 'shift', and 'rotate' with a special interface designed to help you straighten out a clip filmed with a camera at a slight angle. the plug-in is a universal binary and therefore works on both ppc and intel-based macs.


turn clip universal -- may 1st, 2007
finally. do we need to say more? after all, it's our most popular free plug-in. and yes, it's still free.


simple rotate update -- apr 29th, 2007
we corrected two small issues with simple rotate: one cosmetic iMovie 5 bug, and a possible rounding error with short clips. the update is available for download immediately.


hard contrast universal -- apr 28th, 2007
another week, another batch of plug-ins make it to universal. the first is hard contrast, the plug-in that converts your clip into a two-color only composition. any you get to choose which colors these are.


photo paper universal -- apr 21st, 2007
the plug-in that makes a film noir out of your garden party is now available to youse intel-talking mac. so grab your holster, and plug this slug in - making this one sing won't take more than a short trip over to the downing alley!


pixellate universal -- apr 17th, 2007
finally - so many of you have urged us to bring this one to universal that we have caved in, and tackled this one before others


edge detect (pencil) universal -- apr 14th, 2007
one of our most popular plug-in, the one that can turn a clip into a pencil drawing, has gone universal. and yes, it remains free. enjoy.


picture in clip static 3.0.2 -- apr 14th, 2007
we removed a small bug that prevented correct configuration from within iMovie 5


picture in clip (moving) universal -- apl 12th, 2007
picture in clip moving has been brought to universal, and gained the ability to rotate the imported image, and 16 new transfer modes


adjust size and orientation universal - apr 10th, 2007
remember the popular 'adjust size' plug-ins? well, it just has become universal, and gained the capability to simultaneously rotate the clip, making it a snap to rotate and resize those clips that you accidentally shot at 90 degrees angle


cmy universal and hsl universal -- apr 7th, 2007
busy as all little bees this spring, we have finished two plug-ins simultaneously: cmy and hsl. our color correction collection (can you say that ten times, *really* fast???) is now complete.


rgb universal - apr 5th, 2007
as promised, we have updated the RGB color model plug-in to universal.


hsv universal -- apr 2nd, 2007
our trek to Intel continues with our hue-saturation-value color model plug-in. hsl and rgb are soon to follow.


simple zoom universal -- mar 31st, 2007
the next plug-in to reach universal status is simple zoom. you can download it immediately. plesae note that this plug-in requires Mac OS 10.4 "Tiger".


darken/brighten universal -- mar 28th, 2007
we have updated our multi-talented and famous darken/brighten plug-in to universal. it remains free.


simple rotate universal -- mar 26th, 2007
simple rotate has been upgraded to universal. it now requires OS 10.4 to run, but the previous version remains available. the update is free for all owners of a previous version.


picture in clip small bug removed -- mar 25th, 2007
a small bug in the Intel version has been removed: you now can correctly choose the frame color (before, it only worked with black, and shades of blue).


picture in clip universal -- mar 24th, 2007


picture in clip has been upgraded to universal, and has gained a host of new capabilities, as well as a marked increase in speed. please note that you need OS X "Tiger" (10.4) or later to run this plug-in. the update is free for all owners of a previous version.



first universal port succeeded -- mar 19th, 2007
after two years of nervous waiting, we finally have all the pieces in place to transition our plug-ins to universal. a few weeks ago, Erling Johansen became our hero -- he provided us with the one piece of compiler technology that we were desperately waiting for. since then we have only slept on sunday afternoons, and now have a working iMovie plug-in, ported to XCode and then Intel. it will take us some time to get all our plug-ins ported, but eventually we'll have the whole suite working natively on Intel. all native plug-ins will carry version numbers 3.0 or greater

so, are we going to charge you for the upgrade? it took us two whole bottles of a 1995 grand mayne to figure out how to handle this in a way that satisfies everyone:


  • we will raise the price for a plug-in once it is published as universal binary. we have to do that to cover porting cost (that, plus the two bottles of grand mayne, of course)
  • people who already own a plug-in can upgrade to universal for free. your registration remains valid.
  • people who purchase a plug-in after it has been published as universal will have to pay the full price.


we believe that this method rewards our current customers for hanging in with us, yet allows us to adapt our pricing to reflect the additional amount of effort that has gone into development.

oh, and before we forget: the first universal plug-in, sporting all the goodies that we put in there is available here. it's the free 'gradual b/w' plug-in. enjoy.



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