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one-week off-location shoot - 2011-09-26 through 2011-10-03

for a week we'll tough it out in the real world. we'll be back on october 4th. hopefully.


new home base and home page -- june 18, 2010
after months of toiling day and night, we have erected a brand new home page - just for you. imovieplugins remains the central home page for our iMovie plug-in line of products, while cfxsoftware is now where show off our mad creative skillz. oh, and we have moved to a brand new office. but since you've never seen the old one, you don't really care, do you?


cf/x xmas vacations -- dec 22nd to dec 28th, 2009
our offices are closed from december 22 to december 28. all registrations will be completed on december 28th. have a merry christmas!


cf/x summer vacattions -- july 26th to august 2nd, 2009

we'll be climbiing the beautiful hills of the alps. swim the crystal clear waters of mountain lakes, and drink the curious substances the local 'almödis' provide.


cf/xmas break -- dec 22nd to dec 26th, 2008

our offices will be closed from monday, december 22nd until friday, december 26th. any purchases made during that perriod will be processed on saturday, december 27th.



cf/x location shoot - nov 12th - nov 14th, 2008

our offices will be closed from wednesday, november 12th until friday, november 14th. any purchases made during that perriod will be processed on saturday, november 15th


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System Requirements:

  • OS X or better (includes OS X 10.4 'Tiger'), PowerPC
  • OS X 10.4 ("Tiger") required for some universal plug-ins.
  • unless otherwise denoted by the 'universal' logo, not compatible with Intel Macs -- for some reason, Apple disabled Rosetta Mode for iMovie. You can, however, enable Rosetta Mode for iMovie - not for the faint of heart, though.
  • iMovie 3 or better (effects/filters), including iMovie HD 5 and 6
  • iMovie 4 or better (transitions / titles), including iMovie HD 5 and 6 (iMovie 6 users: you must upgrade to iMovie 6.0.1 or later)
  • not compatible with iMovie 08, 09, or later


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