cf/x product registration

below is an alphabetic list of all our plug-ins that need to be registered. to purchase a registration code, please click on the "add to cart" button. if you are unable to find a particular plug-in, please email us, or go to the product pages.

plug-in ID price purchase
cf/x 3D Color Rotate fxrc3 USD 2.50
cf/x Above Threshold fxabt USD 1.50
cf/x Adjust Size fxads USD 4.50
cf/x Advanced Crop fxacr USD 4.50
cf/x Align and Straighten fxali USD 6.50
cf/x Aspect Ratio fxspc USD 5.50
cf/x b/w plus one color fxbw1 USD 1.50
cf/x Brightness Curve Adjust fxbca USD 3.50
cf/x Brightness Equalizer fxbeq USD 3.50
cf/x Burn Through Transitions trbtr USD 1.50
cf/x Chromakey (static) fxcr1 USD 3.00
cf/x Chromakey Movie fxcrm USD 3.50
cf/x CMY fxcmy USD 4.50
cf/x Color by picture fxcbp USD 2.50
cf/x Color Control fxcoc USD 4.50
cf/x Color Exchanger fxcox USD 2.50
cf/x Color Height Transitions trcht USD 3.50
cf/x Color Strom fxcst USD 4.50
cf/x Cycle Channel fxcch USD 1.50
cf/x Distort / Twist fxdst USD 3.50
cf/x Drop Shadow fxdsh USD 3.50
cf/x Emphasize Color fxemc USD 1.50
cf/x Flatten Channel fxflc USD 1.50
cf/x Flatten Color fxfco USD 1.50
cf/x Flicker fxflk USD 1.50
cf/x Flip Page Transitions trflp USD 2.50
cf/x Formulagic fxfrm USD 9.95
cf/x Frame Edit / Retouche fxfed USD 4.50
cf/x Gauss Blur fxblr USD 4.50
cf/x Hard Contrast fxhdc USD 3.00
cf/x HSL fxhsl USD 4.50
cf/x HSV fxhsv USD 4.50
cf/x Lens Filter fxlns USD 5.50
cf/x Line Cross-Pull Transitions trlxp USD 5.50
cf/x Line Noise fxnoi USD 4.50
cf/x Minify fxmin USD 5.50
cf/x Mis-align RGB fxmar USD 1.50
cf/x Mix/Blend Movies fxmxm USD 5.50
cf/x Movie Canvas fxcvm USD 3.50
cf/x Multi Wipe Transitions trmwp USD 5.50
cf/x Multiple Movie fxmoo USD 3.50
cf/x Multiple Picture fxpcm USD 3.00
cf/x Negate Color fxnco USD 1.50
cf/x Noise Filter (Combine) fxnfl USD 1.50
cf/x Noise Transitions trnoi USD 3.50
cf/x Panel fxpnl USD 1.50
cf/x Photo Paper (b&w) fxpbw USD 4.50
cf/x Picture in Clip (moving) fxpc2 USD 4.50
cf/x Picture in Clip (static) fxpic USD 3.00
cf/x Pixel-Pull Transitions trpxp USD 4.50
cf/x Pixellate fxpxl USD 4.50
cf/x Pixellate Transitions trpxl USD 2.50
cf/x Rainbow / Quicksilver fxrbw USD 3.50
cf/x Random Pixel (Transition) trrnd USD 5.50
cf/x Rectangle Transitions trrec USD 7.50
cf/x RGB Curve Adjust fxrca USD 3.50
cf/x RGB Equalizer fxreq USD 3.50
cf/x Shift / Roll Color fxsrc USD 1.50
cf/x Simple Canvas fxcvs USD 1.50
cf/x Simple Caption fxcap USD 6.50
cf/x Simple Mask fxmsk USD 2.50
cf/x Simple Rotate fxrot USD 3.00
cf/x Simple Zoom fxszm USD 3.00
cf/x Smooth / Interlace fxsnt USD 4.50
cf/x Soft Wipe Transitions trswp USD 3.50
cf/x Split & Slide trsps USD 2.50
cf/x Throb Color fxtrb USD 2.50
cf/x Tile Explosion Transitions trtlx USD 7.50
cf/x Timer fxtmr USD 7.50
cf/x Turn Page Transitions trtpg USD 2.50
cf/x Twist Color fxtwi USD 2.50
cf/x Typewriter / Computer fxtty USD 5.50
cf/x Under Threshold fxunt USD 1.50
cf/x Zoom fxzom USD 2.50

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