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version 1.2.0


what is it?
OS X has a feature that allows you to take screen shots. you invoke this feature by pressing command-shift-3 (full screenshot), or command-shift-4 (select parts of the screen). this screenshot is saved as a PICT file (before OS X), PDF (OS X 10.0 to 10.3), and PNG under 10.4 "Tiger".

However, with OS X 10.4 Apple introduced an undocumented feature allowing you to change the file format from PNG (OS X 10.4 default) to other formats. savescreenie provides a graphical front end for this feature.

installing savescreenie
to install savescreenie, simply drag the application anywhere you want to. we recommend you drop it into the 'Applications' folder.

system requirements
savescreenie requires OS X 10.4 ("Tiger") or later

using savescreenie
double-click the application icon. you will be greeted by the following dialog:

you can now choose the file format you prefer for your screenshots. If you choose the OS X default version, savescreenie will remove all preferences it wrote, and lets the screenshot application use it's default file format.



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