3d color rotate

3d color rotate is a color effect plug-in for iMovie. it allows you to rotate the colors of a clip in RGB color space. in addition to ‘simple’ color rotation (i.e. rotate all colors to the origin - black, at 0, 0, 0) you can rotate all colors relative to a specific color (i.e. relative to any color). the use of setting an origin becomes quickly apparent: the origin of a rotation stays the same. thus the origin color, and colors close to it are almost unchanged, while colors further away are changed more.

additionally, the plug-in provides three different ways to handle colors that - after rotation - fall outside the color space.

the results of this effect usually are strange, and border on psychedelic. they are non the less interesting, because even after rotation, the clip’s colors keep their relative distance to each other (well, at least with some of the bounds modes).


this sets the origin of the rotation of all colors. it defaults to black, which coincides with 0,0,0 in ‘color space’. all colors will be turned around this color. it means that colors in the clip that are close to this color are changed least, while colors that are further away are changed more.

x rotate
specifies the rotation of all colors around the x axis (which coincides with red)

y rotate
specifies the rotation of all colors around the y axis (which coincides with green)

z rotate
specifies the rotation of all colors around the z axis (which coincides with blue)

bounds pop-up
this defines how colors are treated when they fall outside the normal rgb color cube. the plug-in supports the following methods:

  • clamp
    the color is simply clamped to the walls of the color cube
  • wrap
    a color that falls outside one side, will re-enter at the opposite side. note that this cal create large color shift even with minuscule color changes.
  • mirror
    when a color exceeds the color boundary, it is simply bounced back. this creates the smoothest colors.


please read the chapter on ‘how it works’ to understand bounds methods.



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version 3.0.0u