3d cube

3D cube is an iMovie plug-in that takes your clip, and wraps it around a cube spinning in 3D space. the effect additionally supports “fold-to” and “unfold-from” effects. you have control over the cube’s size, 3D zoom effect, and rotation speed.

this is a technology demonstration. it shows what we can do, but leaves most possibilities unexplored (e.g. more than one direction of rotation, animated lenses, multiple 3D shapes etc). this was done intentionally.


background color
this defines the color of the background when the clip is not obscuring the whole surface.

this slider controls the zoom lens. the further you zoom in, the more pronounced the 3D effect of the cube

this slider controls the rotation of the cube during the effect.

this slider controls the size of the cube.

this pop-up defines which effect to generate:
- fold in will gradually fold the clip to the cube
- fold out will fradually unfold the clip from the cube
- turn will turn a clip that is wrapped around the 3d cube


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price : FREE

version 1.0.0