advanced crop

advanced crop is a plug-in for iMovie that provides one of the most important functions in movie editing: it allows you to crop a clip to an arbitrary shape, or punch an arbitrarily shaped ‘hole’ into your clip. the plug-in also provides a host of additional, cropping-related features such as

  • blending with cropped parts (100 levels)
  • setting lower blend limit
  • setting upper blend limit
  • inverting selection (for ‘holes’)
  • mix a background picture into cropped parts

please note:
because of a limitation in iMovie, you cannot alter the actual size of the clip. anything you crop off will be set to a user-selectable background color or picture.

there is a free, much simpler version of this plug-in available here.

what should i use advanced crop for?
use this effect to - crop any shape from your clip - crop your clip to any shape - high-light parts of your clip (using blend-back) - darken parts of your clip (using blend-back) - make space for letters, chroma-keying areas - insert logos into cropped areas


clicking the lasso begins the cropping definition. click onto the lasso and it will turn active. now click and hold onto the clip's surface. while holding down the mouse button draw the outline of the shape you wish to crop. when you have completed the shape, release the mouse button.

inside checkbox:
this checkbox controls if the inside of the shape or everything outside shall be cropped.

background color:
if you have no picture selected (see below), or the picture contains invisible areas (e.g. when using a GIF with transparency), this is the color that replaces cropped parts.

picture button:
pressing this button will load a picture that replaces cropped parts. the picture will always be scaled to exactly fit the clip's whole surface.

master f/x, inside, outside sliders:
these sliders give you complete control over how to blend cropped parts of the clip back.


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price : USD 4.50

version 1.0.0