grey crosshair grid
this visual aid is intended to help you align the clip with horizontal or vertical lines. they will not show up in the processed clip.

background color
when you crop and/or rotate the clip , everything outside the 'area of effect' will be set to this color.

this slider controls the amount of rotation required to make vertical or horizontal lines appear correct. use the hairline grid as reference.



price : USD 6.50

version 3.0.0u

when you rotate the clip, the result will no longer fit into the frame. for some parts that fall off, other parts around the corner will reveal the background. use this slider to slightly zoom in, pushing out those parts that reveal the background.

horizontal shift / vertical shift
these sliders allow you to move the clip up/down or left/right, allowing you re-align the center.


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align & straighten

what is it?

this iMovie plug-in is designed for post-processing a clip that was filmed with the camera at a slight angle. it's intended use is to adjust the clip slightly so that vertical lines are vertical again. during configuration it provides additional cues to help you align the clip. in addition to rotate the clip, you can zoom and crop it, as well as move it slightly along the horizontal and vertical axis.

what should I use it for?
use this plug-in whenever you need to straighten out footage that requires slight re-alignment after being filmed with a camera set up at a slight angle.

align & straighten requires OS 10.4 ("Tiger") or later to run.