aspect ratio

what is it?
this iMovie plug-in changes the clip's aspect ratio, either enlarging or shrinking the clip. it's primary use is to re-establish the correct aspect ratio after rotating a non-square pixel clip, or after importing footage from a different video format (e.g. 4:3 to HD 16:9, TV, NTSC<-->PAL, 16:9). the plug-in sports pre-sets to convert between the most common video-formats, which can additionally be overridden by hand-tuning +/-50% in both the horizontal and vertical direction.

for parts that have to be enlarged, the plug also provides bi-cubic interpolation (not available in version 3 or later).

when should i use it?
use this plug-in whenever you need to adjust/tweak the aspect ratio of a clip (e.g. prior to exporting to another format, after rotating non-square pixel footage, or after importing from another format)


HD convert buttons
three different pre-sets / processors that convert a 4:3 clip imported into a HD project into a stretched/zoomed/progressively stretched clip. this will eliminate the black bars on teh size by ultimatively sacrificing some picture quality.

active area
this is the area that will be affected by the plug-in. all area outside will be turned into the background color.

select all
pressing this button will cause the whole clip’s surface be selected as active.

background color
this is the color that will be assigned to any portions of the clip that will be revealed through the actions of the plug-in.

original/new format pop-ups
these two pop-ups control what is converted to what format. note that the notation is backwards, since it is assumed that you want to re-adjust the clip to the original’s size. thus, if ‘original’ is 640x480, and ‘new’ is 720x480, the clip’s contents will be shrunk horizontally.

supported standard formats:

  • 320x240 (4:3 TV)
  • 640x480 (VGA)
  • 720x480 (NTSC DV)
  • 852x480 (16:9 TV)
  • 720x576 (DV PAL)
  • 720x400 (16:9 PAL)
  • HD 720p
  • HD 1080i

live preview
turning on this option will enable you to see the plug’s result in real-time while you configure the plug-in.

bi-cubic (not available in version 3 or later):
this option turns on bi-cubic interpolation while processing the clip. please note that this option, when engaged, will severely impact the plug-in’s performance (but yield better quality results). bi-cubic interpolation is automatically switched off if your settings will cause the clip only to be shrunk (and bi-linear interpolation is used instead).

manual H, manual V
this manual override is applied in addition to any settings you have chosen in the configuration dialog. it allows you to fine-tune the aspect ratio manually


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price : USD 5.50

version 3.0.0u