brightness curve adjust

what is it?

brightness curve adjust is an iMovie plug-in that lets you exert photoshop-level control over brightness in you clips.

a pixel's brightness is determined by it's composition of red, green, and blue values. a perfect digital image has a linear brightness range running straight from zero to 255. however, most devices (and especially photo paper) do not perceive brightness in a linear fashion. because of their non-linear sensitivity to light, a picture's brightness curve can become distorted. this plug-in can either distort, or repair, a clip's brightness curve.

brightness curve adjust sports one 256 by 256 array for individual brightness settings, plus pre-set and calculation routines (and the ability to load from or save your pre-sets to disk)

brightness curve adjust is more powerful, but less intuitive to use than it's brother plug-in, “brightness equalizer”. if your main goal is to adjust a digital clip to normal film media brightness behavior, you should use our brightness equalizer plug.


what should i use it for?
use this plug to fine-tune brightness, to make a clip behave like it was shot on photo paper, or to correct brightness issues that you may have with the original clip.



  • one 256 band graphical brightness array
  • edit the brightness array interactively by simply clicking the mouse
  • get live feedback for all your changes while you edit the curve
  • pre-sets: linear, inverse, n-step (up/down), bell curve (normal, inverted), hyperbolic (4 variants), level, s-curve (normal, inverted)
  • parametric pre-sets: you control how the preset calculates the values
  • load and save any setting to disk as an editable text file
  • choose reference color
  • reference color displayed in as reference line
  • master f/x to mix result with original
  • HD compatibility


standard features

  • full-size preview window
  • interactively define area of effect using the mouse
  • effect fade-in and fade-out
  • choose color using either color picker or simply select by pointing into clip


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