b/w coloriser

what is it?

b/w colorizer is a general effects plug that lets you convert your clip to "black-and-any-color". you set a color (e.g. yellow), and the plug will convert your clip to a monochrome yellow clip (i.e. it uses only shades of yellow).

what should i use it for?

this plug is basically an extension of the good old 'sepia tone' effect - except that you can set any target color. so, if you need a matrix-like green monochrome, or need your world to look pink, this plug is for you.


area of effect:

define the area of the clip you want to be affected by the plug-in. all other parts of the clip remain untouched.

target color:

choose the color that you want the clip to assume as monochrome. note that this color will determine the brightness, so if you choose a dark tint, the whole clip will become very dark.


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price : FREE

version 1.1.0