clip snapshot

clip snapshot in an iMovie plug-in of a very special kind. it doesn’t actually provide an effect that can be applied to a clip. rather, it’s a productivity tool that allows you to use snapshots of your clip outside of iMovie. the plug-in allows you to select any area from any frame in a clip, and -- at the touch of button -- exports the contents of the active are to the clipboard or a number of different file formats. if you choose to export to a file, you can also specify various compression settings.

the plug-in also allows you to choose between different source formats to ensure non-distorted snapshots (important for those people that use PAL or VGA source).

what should I use it for?
use this ‘effect’ whenever you need to quickly take a snapshot of your clip, and rather not go through the screenshot-crop-export cycle. we use this little tool for creating

- storyboards
- documentation
- cd/dvd covers
- collages
- animated gifs from movies


w and h indicators:
these indicators show you the width, and height, of the currently active selection. they update automatically.

source pop-up:
this pop-up allows you to specify the source format the plug-in shall use to take the snapshot from. use it only if you are using a different source than the one your project is currently set to.

destination pop-up:
here you can choose where the effect should put the clip to. you can choose between file and clipboard.

format pop-up:
note that this pop-up is only available when you choose ‘file’ as output format.

this pop-up allows you to choose the file format for the snapshot. currently available file formats are PICT (standard mac picture format), JPEG (lossy compression), and BMP (shudder – a windows file format, best use: never).

when saving, you may set various options for every file format.


take snapshot button
clicking this button will either copy the contents of the active rectangle to the clipboard, or export it to file.


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price : FREE

version 1.0.0