color exchanger

what is it?

color exchanger is a special effects plug that lets you exchange all pixels in a picture that match one color with another color. you may tell the plug to allow the color some 'leeway' in matching, as well as allowing up to the same leeway to be applied to the exchanged color.

for example, imagine you had a clip depicting a fire and you wanted the flames to look green. now, target the fire's orange glow, allow some leeway so all flames are exchanged, select a nice green, and let the plug do it's magic. soon, you have a nicely green fire in your clip.

what should i use it for?

this special effects plug can be used for a wide array of tasks. exchanging one color for another allows you to radically alter the look of any clip without much effort. since it allows you to have different settings for closeness of match and output closeness, you can also use it to smoothen colors. you do this by selecting input and output color as the same, but set input closeness to 10%, and force output closeness to be exactly the exchange color.


area of effect:

define the area of the clip you want to be affected by the plug-in. all other parts of the clip remain untouched.


controls the leeway the plug has to use a pixel. if you select 'exact' (fully left) only pixels that exactly match the target color will be affected. if you choose 'all', all pixels will be affected.


this control allows for some additional magic. if you allowed the plug some leeway in picking a pixel by specifying anything but exact match, you can select here how much of that leeway is allowed back into the exchanged color. if you choose 'exact', all output pixels will have exactly the selected output color. if, on the other hand, you choose 'full', the output pixel will have the same difference to the exchange color as the input pixel had to the target color. you may select any value in-between. for example: you target orange, allow some leeway, and selected green as target color. the plug now encounters a slightly darker orange and decides that it is acceptable. if you allow output leeway, the resulting pixel will also be a darker green than the original output color.

take color:

choose the color you want the plug to exchange. you can either use the standard color picker, or use the 'eye-dropper' tool to pick up any color directly from the clip.

change to:

choose the color you want the pixels be set to. again, use the Mac's color picker, or pick up the color from the clip with the eye dropper tool.


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