color storm

more psychedelic color effects that you can shake a mushroom at!
so you think you have seen everything? not unless you have tried this plug-in. we seriously don’t know how to describe this plug other than

“well, it takes your clip, you know, and, uh, creates a storm of colors from it...”

... while miraculously preserving the image. think ‘predator’ false color view on steroids. at it’s base is a something we call ‘strangely-fractal’ routine that was programmed under the influence of, ahem, equally strange substances. the really weird thing is that it works. a digital color storm front for iMovie.

we then went totally gazonkas, and created 15 seriously deranged storm systems, of which ten can be explored (i.e. dynamically changed). this makes a grand total of 2505 different color effects, none of which can be predicted. now, how do you like that?


what should I use it for?
use this plug-in to create really, really strange color effects. enjoy visuals that otherwise can only be had after ingesting illegal substances. explore color combinations any sane person would avoid. oh, yes, and create some really, really cool ‘digitally false’ clips as well, e.g. aforementioned ‘predator’ color effect (it is there, we just won’t tell you in which storm system, and at what turbulence).



live preview
preview the whole clip under the influence of the effect.

choose a storm front from this menu. those systems that start with an asterix (‘*’) enable the turbulence slider, which lets you ‘explore’ the storm. brace for up to 256 radically different variations on the same theme. and no, we won’t tell you how we came up with those names.

changing this slider will make the unpredictable utterly incomprehensible. but in a cool way. what you are doing is providing a slightly different jump-off point into the same storm front, which has some chaotic (literally, this is, after all, loosely based on the chaos theory) effects on the color generation.



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price : USD 4.50

version 1.0.0