what is it
this is a tiny, but effective plug-in for iMovie to cut your clip to size. since a plug-in can't alter the size of a clip (a limitation from iMovie), those parts of the clip that you cut off are set to a color of your choosing.
and since all our plug-ins are just a little bit cooler, you can set the transparency of the obscuring color, so that the cropped parts shine through.

what should i use it for
use this plug-in to remove unwanted parts of a clip, or to produce areas free of footage where you can place a second (or third) source (e.g. with multiple movie, or chormakey static/movie).
you can also use this plug-in as a high-lighter, where the parts that you don’t want to highlight are obscured by black (or, if you like, any other color), but the cropping color is slightly translucent.



area of effect
a bad case of mis-naming this function. actually, this rectangular area will remain unchanged, while everything else will be set to the background color. to resize the rectangle, click and drag into the handles. to move it, click and drag inside the rectangle.

select all
clicking this button will select the whole surface of the clip. in the context of this plug this will mean that the clip will not be changed.

this slider defines how mach of the original footage will shine through to the processed clip

background color
everything outside the 'area of effect' will be set to this color.


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price : FREE

version 3.0.0