distort & twist

what is it?
distort is an iMovie plug-in that allows you to 'stretch' the four corners of the clip any which way you like. using a wildly intuitive user interface, you can shrink, fold, twist and flip the clip as you see fit. and since we know what we are doing we have added two important capabilities to the clip: you can either specify a background color for any part of the clip that is no longer obscured by the distorted clip - or you can choose a background picture for the same purpose. the latter feature enables you to insert the clip into any picture (e.g. one of a TV screen, mock-3d perspective etc.)

what should I use it for?
use this plug-in whenever

  • you want to change the clips proportions (e.g. after rotating it - but remember that there is a free plug available from us that does the same)
  • you need to insert the clip into a still picture (e.g. map with pseudo 3-D 'window' for the actor/clip)
  • you need slanted picture-in-picture (narrator/map) documentation
  • otherwise want to distort the clip


background color
after distorting the clip, some of the original clip's surface area will no longer be obscured by the clip. here's where you choose the color that will be revealed when there is no clip.


price : USD 3.50

version 1.0.0

backward through the whole clip.

live preview
when checked, the plug will pre-render the frame in real-time while you are configuring it. this option may be slow on low-end macs, so it can be switched off.


this slider turns on an additional processor while distorting the clip, using an averaging algorithm for better color quality. when twisting the clip, this will also make the clip half transparent in those parts that overlap.


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select all
pressing this button will cause the target area to revert to a rectangular area obsuring the whole


instead of choosing a background color, you can choose a background picture that is shown over unobscured parts of the clip. the picture will always be scaled to exactly fit the surface of the whole clip.

target area
unlike most of our other plugs, this plug-in supports non-rectangular, and even non-convex shapes. you can drag any handle to any position. this can radically change the orientation of the clip. luckily, this is quite intuitive (at least with live preview on). to re-position the target area, click and drag inside it.

movie slider / forward / backward
these controls allow you to move forward and