edge detect (pencil)

what is it?
this little plug can produce some neat effects. what it does is very simple: it scans the frame for hard contrast, and when it finds it, marks it in a certain color. this alone can be used for some cool contrast enhancements, but is only half the magic. you can also tell the plug to only use two colors: one for the edges it detects, and another for everything else. the result, when used correctly, turns a clip into something that looks astonishingly like a pencil drawing. thus, you can convert your movie into a two-color cartoon.

what should I use it for?
use this plug whenever you you need some ‘different’ contrast enhancement, or want to turn your movie into a quasi pencil-drawn animation.


use this slider to set the sensitivity of the edge detection.

two colors:
to enable two-color mode, move this slider to ‘yes’.

edge color:
this is the color the ‘edge’ pixels will be set to.

other color:
if two-color mode is enabled, this is the colors all pixels will assume if they are not edge pixels.

controls how much of the original image blends back into the result

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price : FREE

version 3.0.0u