eliminate borders

what is it?
this iMovie plug-in slightly enlarges the clip, pushing out the borders. it’s use is primarily for people who are converting analog video footage to digital. sometimes, the borders contain artifacts or bad pixels. this plug enables you to eliminate these pixels by simply shoving them off-screen.

we now have added an optional, bi-cubic interpolation method for improved image quality. note, however, that this method is excruciatingly slow (not available in version 3 or later).

what should I use it for?
use this plug-in whenever your source material has borders that exhibit bad pixels that you would rather not see.

this plug is based on a suggestion from tim gregg, who needed a plug to routinely eliminate the borders from his analog source, and did not want to use our ‘zoom’ plug.


price : FREE

version 3.0.0u


horizontal, vertical
these sliders control how much to zoom the clip. horizontal and vertical are independent of each other, and using these sliders will distort the clip slightly.

bicubic (not available in version 3 or later)
this slider controls if you want to use the standard processor to enlarge the picture (fast), or use bicubic interpolation (improved image quality, sloooooooooooooow).


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