emboss (tinted)

emboss (tinted) is a color effects plug-in that creates an ‘emboss’ effect on your clip. there are multiple ways of embossing a clip, and this plug-in takes the most basic approach by enhancing strong contrasts. internally, it creates a grayscale image (which contains the embossed image), which can be mixed back into the original clip.

as expected, we have taken the emboss algorithm, and dragged it a few miles further afield for even cooler effects. since at the heart of the algorithm is a difference engine, we thought it would be fun if the difference was displayed against a reference color. the result was the ‘tinted’ part, which is a really nice addition to the base effect.

used with extreme settings, this plug-in produces similar results to our ‘edge detect’ plug-in.

what should I use it for?
this is a color special effect, to be used at your discretion. it’s obvious use whenever you need an emboss effect and works best on monochromatic footage. the tint feature is most often used to make the clip fit into a color ‘mood’ in themed videos.

it reportedly can also be used to enhance scientific footage, and we have one report of successfully being used in enhancing forensic footage.


this sets the tint color. it is only used when the ‘use’ pop-up is set to ‘tint (direct)’ or ‘tint (level)’.

use this slider to mix the original clip back into the black&white embossed result


tint factor
this slider controls how stong the tint color is to contribute to the overall result. if you set the ‘use’ pop-up to ‘level’, this sets the overall brightness of the result.

use pop-up
this controls the way the emboss algorithm embosses your clip. emboss is basically an algorith that measures a pixel’s contrast versus it’s surrounding pixels the result is simply a number. our plug-in takes this number and converts it to a meaningful color. we have written three different algorithms for this, and you can choose them here.

  • tint (direct):
    the result is measured against the tint color
  • level:
    the result is measured against a reference level
  • tint (level):
    the result is measured against a tint color, temperated by the ‘tint factor’ slider




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