what is it?
this plug can turn a clip into a half-tone (black/white or color) clip.

“halftoning” was (and still is) a technique used for printing grayscale or color images when there is only one color available (e.g. black, cyan, magenta, yellow). to use halftoning, an image is ‘rasterized’ and each raster part is assigned a dot of varying size of either black or white, depending on the overall brightness of the raster part.

this technique is still used for printing (after all, a laser printer only has one color). in video, however, it is not very useful, because a crt or lcd can produce many different levels of color. It does make some nice nostalgic effects, though. and this is where this plug comes in.

what should I use it for?
use this plug as a special color/bw effect.


this slider controls how much of the original image shines through into the half-toned image.

selects halftoning processing method. choosing ‘yes’ will turn your clip into b/w first, choosing ‘no’ will result in a color halftone clip.



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price : FREE

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