hard contrast

what is it?

this iMovie plug-in will make your clip use exactly two colors (called "left" and "right") that you can select yourself. each color is either one or the other. since you are totally free in picking your two colors, this effect can have some truly astonishing effects (try picking two similar colors, and set "left" low) as well as some predictable ("true" black and white).

what should i use it for?

this plug produces some highly stylized graphics, as one gets when using very 'hard' photo paper.


area of effect :

define the area of the clip you want to be affected by the plug-in. all other parts or the clip remain untouched.


this is the color all pixels will assume whose combined brightness is below the left/right threshold.


this is the color all pixels assume that do not become 'left' color.


this controls where the cut-over from "left" to "right" happens. this threshold can be thought of as defining the 'hardness' of the photo paper.


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price : USD 3.00

version 3.0.0u