histogram is an iMovie plug-in that calculates, and then displays a number of histograms (statistical data) regarding your clip.

histogram can display information about your clip’s brightness, red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yello, hue, saturation, or brightness. it can display these histograms in a varieties of formats, colors, and at arbitrary sizes. you can also set the resolution of the histogram (from 256 to 8 bands per histogram), the background color, and opacity.

what should I use it for?

use this plug-in for demonstrating various annotations, or as cool ‘animated tech graph’ annotation.


histogram size
use the rectangle to define the histogram’s size. to resize, click-and-drag the handles, to re-position click-and-drag inside the rectangle.

info color
this defines the histogram’s bar color. it is disregarded for some histograms, and pre-set for others.

background color
this defines the color of the histogram’s backdrop.

this slider defines the histogram’s opacity.

this defines how many bands the histogram should display. you can choose from 256 bands (maximum resolution) to 8 bands (minimum resolution, 32 bands each get averaged into one).

this pop-up menu lets you choose what information, and what format to display.




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price : FREE

version 1.0.0