what is it?
hsv is an iMovie plug-in that allows direct color control via the hue-saturation-value color model (as opposed to the more intuitive red-green-blue color model many people are familiar with). the biggest advantage of this is that it lets you make colors more vivid through directly manipulating color saturation. the plug allows shifting color hue 50% left and right, and adding or subtracting up to 100% saturation and value.

what should I use it for?

  • make colors more vivid or bleach them out (saturation control)
  • correct color shift (hue control)
  • make dark clips brighter, and bright clips darker (value control)

related plug-ins:
we offer color-correction plug-ins for all major color models:


this slider controls color hue (which can be thought of as being arranged around a circle). moving the slider left or right will shift the color hue of the pixels left and right

saturation is the ‘vividness’ of color. you can increase a pixel’s color saturation by up to 100%, or decrease it to zero (leaving you with a grayscale image)

value describes the pixels brightness. adding to a pixel’s value will make it brighter (obviously), while subtracting from it will make it darker.



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