jerk is a free iMovie plug-in that will make motion in a clip 'jerky' (and yes, we wrote this plug simply because we could give it this silly name), giving the clip a distinctively surreal, nightmarish quality. the plug-in works by repeating the same frame a specified number of times, thus effectively reducing frames per second (fps) from 30 (DV) to anything around 1.8. one use is to give your clip a distinct 'super-8' feeling (especially in conjunction with our 'flicker' plug-in). since you can apply this effect to only parts of the clip, this can also create some really strange shearing effects when the frames shortly get our of sync.

in conjunction with the opacity slider, this plug-in also creates some rather psychedelic ‘pre-motion’ effects.

what should I use it for?

give super-8 feeling to a clip

create psychotic dream-sequence effects

create equally disturbing pre-motion effects

create 'daze' effects


area of effect
this defines the area of effect. everything inside this area will become 'jerky'. to re-position the area, click and drag inside the rectangle. to re-size the area, click and drag the handles.

controls how much of the original image shines through, creating some nice 'pre-motion' effects.

this controls how 'jerky' the result will be, i.e. how much to reduce fps. to convert DV to super-8, you'd set this value to 8, or simply use the super-8 override.

if you turn this slider on (switch it to 'yes' position), the current 'frames' setting is overridden with a setting to closely resemble 'super-8' (18 fps - middle - and 9 fps - right). there is no setting for 24 fps (even though this is also a common super-8 frame rate).


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price : FREE

version 1.3.0