line noise

what is it?

this special effect iMovie plug-in will add various noise-like disturbances to your clip, that can look like anything form a bad antenna connector, or anything from a short-burst interference to 'snow storm' or even a full loss of signal. additionally, you can decide if you want 'old-school' disturbance (black/white) or decide the noise colors yourself.

what should i use it for?

this is a specialized plug-in to simulate a bad signal. use it whenever you need to simulate a bad connection or interference (e.g. transmitting from a moving vehicle, from outer space, during solar flares, while electric machinery is interfering, etc.).


noise 1 / noise 2:
these two colors determine the color the noise is composed of.

area of effect :
define the area of the clip you want to be affected by the plug-in. all other parts of the clip remain untouched.

this slider controls the relative frequency of occurrence of the disturbance.

this controls how severe each disturbance may be. each disturbance only affects a single scan line.

this controls if the disturbance is noise 1/noise 2 only, or if the noise is purely random colored. for more realistic disturbances, only allow only two colors.


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price : USD 4.50

version 3.0.0u