mis-align rgb

mis-align rgb is an iMovie effect plug-in that simulates a TV/CRT with a defective horizontal or vertical beam alignment. the result is that the red, green, and blue parts of the picture don't align any more, and create multi-colored ghost images. you can control the alignment for all channels, as well as other parameters.


red, green, blue sliders
these sliders control how far the corresponding red, green, or blue image is to be set off-center. the direction (vertically, horizontally) is controlled by the direction pop-up (see below)

empty color
this color control sets the 'color' of a pixel that is not hit by a simulated 'beam'. we recommend black (as is set by the default), but other values can yield interesting results.

please note that the empty color is only useful whenever you choose a non-wrap direction.

direction pop-up
this pop-up controls which direction you want to mis-align: horizontal, or vertical. for each direction there are two possible settings:

  • normal
    when the image leaves the sreen, it simply 'falls off'. border pixels on the opposite side will receive no color from this channel. a pixel that receives no color information from the image because of alignment, takes it's color information from the 'empty' color (see above).
  • wrap
    if a pixel falls off one side, it simply wraps around to the other side.



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version 1.0.0