negate b/w

what is it?

this plug converts a plug into bw and in the same pass lets you invert it (make a negative film). you may choose the ’invertness’ of the clip. thus, this is plug is actually two plugs in one: the good old ‘black & white” plug (although this time around you can - as with all our plugs - specify the area that should be converted), and the invert plug (except that you can set how much inversion you want).

what should i use it for?

use it whenever you need to only convert parts of your clip into b/w, and whenever you need a b&w negative part of your clip (we know that - unless you are into signal processing - the latter doesn’t happen that often. it’s a cool plug nonetheless...)


area of effect :

define the area of the clip you want to be affected by the plug-in. all other parts of the clip remain untouched.


use this slider to select inversion. left means no inversion, right means full inversion. a 50% inversion will (of course) always set all pixels in this clip to a value of 50% (the midpoint of an image is always a 50% gray).


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price : FREE

version 1.3.0