noise filter (combine)

what is it
this plug-in takes a page out of elementary noise reduction school. but who says that simple principles don't work? we have developed this plug-in after an email from kevin killion, who has used our plug-ins and pointed us to a simple way astronomers reduce background noise in their photographs: they digitally combine, and then average multiple pictures of the same part of the sky. of course, with moving media the results can be less than stellar (pun intented). we found out that it does work, especially if you have a clip filmed under high-gain low-light conditions. our plug works by combining the last n (user configurable from 1 to 10) frames, and averaging them. therefore, if you have any fast-moving objects in the clip, they will show trails, depending on their speed. objects that appear only on one or two frames will disappear entirely (which is, of course, the definition of noise reduction).

in short: this plug-in removes noise from low-light clips. and if you crank up the 'combine' parameter, you also have a cool ghost trail for moving objects.

what should i use it for?
use this plug-in when you need to remove noise from clips filmed under low-light conditions.



area of effect
this rectangle defines which part of the clip is to be effected. to re-size the area, click and drag the handles. to re-position, click and drag inside the rectangle

select all
press this button to select the whole clip's surface.

choose the number of frames (1-10) that are used to average each frame. note that the effect takes as many frames to 'take hold' as you have chosen to combine (i.e. if you choose 5 frames, it takes 5 frames to fully take hold). the first frame is always unchanged, since there are no past frames to combine with.


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price : USD 1.50

version 1.0.1