what is it?

how many times have you needed to put some kind of frame or panel into your clip but had no simple way of doing it? cf/x panel is just that. the only panel generator you’ll ever need. it can only do this, but this one thing it can do very, very good.

‘what good is a panel’, you might ask. well, not much all by it self. but it shines brilliantly if you put something in it in a second pass (e.g. when using cf/x caption to put some cool text effects inside it).

panel can produce a round panel, a rectangular, or any form in-between - in any color you like. and if that isn’t enough, you can also specify the panel’s frame color. want to define the frame’s thickness? you do that. so you want a semi-transparent half-round panel? cf/x panel will do that for you. just set the sliders!



so you want a panel with drop shadow? there’s no option for that. why not? because this is something you can do much, much better with two passes of the same plug. first pass, select black as panel color, and half transparency. then, move the panel up and left, choose another panel color, and no transparency. apply again. there - a cool shadow defined to your liking.

what should i use it for?

this plug is your best friend whenever you need to create a panel or other rectangular frame or surface on your clip.



directly define the panel’s surface on the clip.


defines how transparent the panel is going to be


the panel can be a rectangle, an oval, or anything in-between. set the slider accordingly

line thickness:

this slider sets the thickness of the grid

frame color:

this sets the color of the panel’s frame. if you do not want your panel to show a frame, simply set this color to the same as the panel color

panel color:

set the panel’s color here

fill panel

if you check this box, the panel will be filled, otherwise only the frame will be drawn


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price : USD 1.50

version 1.3.0