photo paper (b&w)

what is it?
this color effect iMovie plug-in simulates different kinds of black & white photo paper. you have direct control of the paper's sensitivity to light, making it very easy to achieve some stylistic 'madium' to 'hard' photo paper effects.

this plug-in is a derivative of our '
quicksilver / rainbow' plug-in. if you already own that plug-in you don't need this one. simply use two colors (black and white), and enable dissolves, and use the 'band' slider to set the simulated sensitivity.

what should I use it for?
use this plug-in to achieve some ‘film noir’ and other classic black & white film styles. it’s also well suited to match different b&w sources.


active area:
the area inside this rectangle will be turned to black & white according to the current photo paper’s sensitivity. everything outside will not be affected


price : USD 4.50

version 3.0.0u

sensitivity 100%

sensitivity 50%

sensitivity 20%

old ppc-only version (runs with OS 10.1)

select all:
pressing this button will select the whole clip as active area.

movie slider, forward, backward:
use this slider to move through the currently selected clip.

this slider controls the photo paper’s simulated sensitivity. the further to the right, the less sensitive (‘hard’) the photo paper.

live preview:
if engaged, the plug shows changes in the paper’s sensitivity in real-time.


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