picture in clip (moving)

what is it?

this iMovie plug-in allows you to place a picture (of almost any format: jpg, gif, pict, …) into your clip - at any size. you can distort the picture, or force the plug to keep the picture's proportions. of course, you can set the picture's transparency - you may even use the picture as a semi-transparent backdrop! for even measure we've also thrown in the option of framing the picture in a color of your choosing. and for version 3 we have added image rotation, and 16 different blend modes.

this plug-in is 'picture in clip (static)'s' bigger brother. instead of simply placing a picture you may additionally define a second position (and size) - and the plug-in will move and scale the picture between those two positions during the clip.

this plug does not allow you to place movie clips into your clip. we have much better plugs for that. that's why this plug has the 'static' in it's name. it can only handle static (non-moving) pictures.

version 3 requires OS X 10.4 "Tiger" or newer.

what should i use it for?

use this plug whenever you want to insert a moving picture into your clip, need some picture zoom-in or picture zoom-out effects, or want to ‘watermark’ your picture (e.g. with your company’s logo).


blue sqare :
this is the picture’s start position and size.

it defines which part of the clip the picture obscures in the first frame. to move the rectangle, click inside and drag. to resize, click and drag the handles.

green square:
this is the picture’s end position. initially, this rectangle will not be visible as it is obscured by the red (start) rectangle.

to move the rectangle, click inside and drag. to resize, click and drag the handles.

to switch between rectangles, click outside the currently active (the one with handles) and inside the other rectangle.

click this button to choose a picture from your disk. any format that quicktime supports can be opened: jpg, pict, gif, bmp, …

keep prop’s:
if you choose this option, the picture’s frame will always re-adjust it’s size to preserve the original picture’s size. note that you can switch this independent for red and green.

frame color:
if you want the picture to be framed, here’s where you choose the picture’s frame color

if you want a frame to appear around your picture, use this slider to define the frame's thickness.

defines the picture's transparency.

blend mode:
choose one of the many interesting blend modes.

set the image's orientation.


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old ppc-only version (runs with OS 10.1)