what is it?
this iMovie-plugin takes part of your clip, and 'enlarges the pixels', creating a 'witness protection'-style result. you can choose the active area, horizontal, and vertical pixel size (independently!). used in conjunction with the optional opacity, it can also be used to create some exceptional ‘digital halos’, or glass effects.

when should I use it?
this effect makes introduces interesting effects / distortions (especially when used with opacity), and is of course well suited for cases where you must obscure (for reasons of copyright, or to protect the innocent/guilty) parts of the clip, but don't want to add an ugly black bar.

version 3 requires OS X 10.4 or newer to run


area of effect
this defines the area of effect. everything inside this area will be pixellated. to re-position the area, click and drag inside the rectangle. to re-size the area, click and drag the handles. if live preview is active, you'll see the changes in real-time.

select all
pressing this button will select the whole clip's surface as active area

movie slider, forward, backward
this slider allows you to access and preview any frame in the currently selected clip.

live preview
when this option is active, the area inside the active area of effect will be updated in real-time.

this defines the size of the 'pixels' horizontally.

this defines the size of the 'pixels' vertically.

this slider determines how much of the original clip will overlay the effect.


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price : USD 4.50

version 3.0.0u

old ppc-only version (runs with OS 10.1)