rgb curve adjust

what is it?

imagine you could control every single possible setting of every pixel in your clip globally. you can. rgb curve adjust is a plug that lets you exert unprecedented control over color in you image. it gives you photoshop-level color control over your clips.

usually, a pixel's color is determined by their component's (red, green, and blue) intensity. these intensities usually run from 0 to 255 in a straight line. sometimes, however, this is not what you want. sometimes you want to brighten the picture a bit, but without amplifying bright pixels. sometimes you want the opposite. for these simpler tasks, however, you could use cf/x brightness adjust, or cf/x brightness equalizer. this plug is for cases where you need to control the red, green, or blue channels directly. and since it may sometimes be difficult to locate a specific color, rgb curve adjust lets you select a reference color that is displayed as a reference line in each color channel.

because it works like a 256-band three-array color exchanger, this plug can also be used for special effects like color replacements, color flattens, and color shifts. but then, we provide more easily accessible plugs for exactly those purposes. And yes, we know that these plugs don't allow all the flexibility a pro needs. this is where the curve adjust and equalizer come in.

rgb curve adjust sports three 256 by 256 arrays for individual color curve settings, plus individual pre-set and calculation reoutines for each channel (plus the ability to load from or save your pre-sets to disk)

what should i use it for?

use this plug to fine-tune channel fidelity, or to produce wild color effects. this plug is only necessary if you need to achieve studio-level color fidelity within your clip . hardcore users (i.e. those who think that cf/x color exchanger is for old ladies) use this plug for all their special effects, such as direct color replacement (or selective channel replacement), color caps or channel diffusion. these are probably the same pros that will tell you that rgb curve adjust is essentially the only plug you need (not true) and that it is one of the fastest plugs around (true).


  • three 256 band graphical color arrays: one each for red, green, and blue
  • edit any array interactively by simply clicking the mouse
  • pre-sets per channel: linear, inverse, n-step (up/down), bell curve (normal, inverted), hyperbolic (4 variants), level, s-curve (normal, inverted)
  • copy and paste between channels
  • load and save any setting to disk as an editable text file
  • choose reference color
  • reference color displayed in each equalizer as reference line

standard features

  • full-size preview window
  • interactively define area of effect using the mouse
  • effect fade-in and fade-out
  • choose color using either color picker or simply select by pointing into clip


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price : USD 3.50

version 2.0.0