rgb equalizer

what is it?

cf/x rgb equalizer allows you to fine-tune the individual channels (red, green, blue) of every pixel in your clip. an equalizer in your stereo works by selectively boosting or reducing bands of the audio spectrum. rgb equalizer works essentially the same, except that it works on the intensities of each channel. this plug sports three 256-band equalizers for total color control, plus individual pre-set and calculation routines for each channel (plus the ability to load from or save your pre-sets to disk)

what should i use it for?

rgb equalizer is rgb curve adjust's smaller, more sophisticated brother. although more complex in theory, it is much easier to understand and master. with this plug you can easily boost dark or reduce bright colors in your clip. the equalizer will not change a color, but it’s tone. very difficult to express in words, but very intuitive to grasp when you see it yourself. use it to correct lighting conditions, set moods, or match and smooth color differences between clips.


  • three 256 band graphical color equalizers: one each for red, green, and blue
  • edit any equalizer interactively by simply clicking the mouse
  • pre-sets per channel: linear, inverse, n-step (up/down), bell curve (normal, inverted), hyperbolic (4 variants), level, s-curve (normal, inverted)
  • copy and paste between channels
  • load and save any setting to disk as an editable text file
  • choose reference color
  • reference color displayed in each equalizer as reference line

standard features

  • full-size preview window
  • interactively define area of effect using the mouse
  • effect fade-in and fade-out
  • choose color using either color picker or simply select by pointing into clip


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