simple caption

simple caption is a plug-in for iMovie that allows you to place any short text message (e.g. 'hi there' or 'read my lips…' etc.) onto a clip. this plug-in provides a host of important features, such as:

  • place the text anywhere
  • rotate your text
  • use any installed postscript font
  • interactively choose text size
  • choose between three different styles
  • interactively set spacing
  • use any font color - for font and outline separately
  • lets your text cast a shadow with fine shadow control
  • use 100 levels of transparency


additionally, the plug-in provides controls for exact timing (lead-in and -out) for when the message should appear.

please note:
version 3 requires OS X 10.4 or newer

what should I use it for?
use this plug-in whenever you need to place short messages on a clip, and the 'title' effects do not allow you enough flexibility. use this plug to

  • place simple captions
  • annotations
  • insert small messages
  • reinforce or translate spoken words
  • etc.


text color / text border
these allow you to set the color that fills in the letters of your message (text color), and the color that draws the outline. use two different colors in situations where you need enhanced contrast between text and clip.

text style
this pop-up allows you to choose between three ways to draw the text:

  • letters and outline
    draws the message with border color around letters filled with text color
  • outline only:
    draws the text as outline only, disregarding the 'text color'
  • letters only
    draws the text without an outline (outline color is disregarded).


set text
click this button to enter the caption text.

select font
use this pop-up to select any font that is currently available in your system.

version 3 of this plug-in uses the Mac's more advanced core graphics routines that rely heavily on PostScript™ for rendering. if you select a font in your font pop-up that is not available as PostScript, the plug-in will not render anything.

if this box is checked, your message will cast a shadow. use the shadow sliders below the clip preview to position the shadow.

font size
this slider controls the size of the message's letters.

this slider controls the space between letters, allowing you to space out the letters of your message, making a better fit.

text rotation
this slider allows you to rotate the message around the pivot point.

shadow horizontal / vertical
these controls allow you to position the shadow relative to your message. they only function if the 'shadow' box (see above) is checked.

this slider controls your message's transparency.



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price : USD 6.50

version 3.0.0u

old ppc-only version (runs with OS 10.1)