timer is an advanced plug-in for iMovie that provides you with all timing-related tools you ever need. use it to time real-time events (e.g. footage of a sporting event, experiments, forensics), add '24'-style time information to your clip, or create countdowns, or provide time base lines for your stop-motion videos. in short, any time-related information can be added with this plug-in.

as a 'reference class' plug-in this effect sport the following features:


  • real-time timer (based on the clip's frame count)
  • real-time count-down
  • time dilation/compression from 1:10 to 10:1
  • pre-set to any start value (timer)
  • count-down to any stop value (count-down)
  • count all frames in a clip
  • calculate time (you provide start and stop times, the plug crates all time values in-between)
  • 11 different timer formats available



  • place the time anywhere on the clip -- using the mouse!
  • easy font scaling scale font with mouse
  • use any post script font (note that this is an effect, not a title plug-in!)
  • use any color for time display
  • optional panel behind timer for improved contrast (only available in versions previous to 3.0)
  • use any color for panel (if enabled, only in versions previous to 3.0)
  • 100 levels of transparency
  • rotate your text
  • choose between three different styles
  • interactively set spacing


video timing (for real-time timer/count-down):

  • 30 fps (NTSC)
  • 25 fps (PAL)


note to advanced video editors:
since iMovie does not pass any original DV timing info to the plug-in, this plug-in can only be used to newly time-stamp source, not re-establish lost timing code.

version 3 currently supports only installed postscript font


use this plug-in for any time-related information required in a video, e.g.

  • time of day
  • time passage for stop-motion
  • clocking real-time events
  • '24'-style time info
  • establish time codes for videos
  • count-downs
  • frame counter


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price : USD 7.50

version 3.0.0u

old ppc-only version (runs with OS 10.1)