typewriter / computer

this iMovie plug-in simulates a typewriter or computer ‘printing’ on your clip. rather than simply displaying a text message, this plug-in visually writes the message letter for letter. please note that this is an effect plug-in, not a title (we believe that iMovie’s title controls are inadequate for the task). it will therefore also happily run with iMovie 3. the plug will emulate anything from a simple typewriter to a computer, complete with various cursors, with or without a background.

special controls allow you to time the message’s writing speed to

  • use from 0%-100% of the clip’s duration
  • use exactly n frames for the whole message
  • use exactly n frames per character

additionally, this plug-in allows you to

  • place the message anywhere you want
  • interactively set font size with the mouse
  • choose any installed font
  • choose any font color
  • use a background panel with any color
  • use 100 different levels of transparency
  • choose between three different cursors (none, I-beam, hollow, solid)
  • fine-tune cursor flashing speed (0 to 100 frames)


what should I use it for?

this is a captioning / annotating plug-in. use it for

  • chapter/scene titles
  • locations in documentaries (e.g. ‘zürich, 12:00 am’)
  • special messages and/or comments (e.g. ‘important!’ or ‘do not forget’)
  • mock computer messages
  • final / closing remarks (e.g. ‘the end’, ‘to be continued’)



font pop-up
this pop-up lets you select any font you have installed in your mac. it will be used to create the message. we recommend you use ‘american typewriter’ for a typewriter effect

font color
this defines the color the letters of the message will have

panel color
this defines the color of the panel (the background behind the message). note that in order to show, you must check the ‘use panel’ checkbox.

use panel
this checkbox controls if the message should be displayed against a background.

cursor pop-up
this pop-up lets you choose a cursor type. note that if you choose a cursor, the whole message (and background panel) may grow beyond the right border in order to accommodate the cursor. the following cursor are available:

  • none – no cursor
  • I-beam: a vertical line, like in most current text processors
  • solid: a solid rectangle
  • hollow: a framed rectangle
  • underline: a underline character

note that the cursor can be made flashing or non-flashing by the ‘cursor flash’ slider.

set text
pressing this button will open a dialog in which you can enter the message to be displayed. the message text is currently limited to 255 characters.

this slider sets the opacity of the message and the panel (if enabled). you have 100 levels of opacity to choose from.

speed mode pop-up
this pop-up gives you access to the speed processor that controls how fast a message is written on the clip. you can choose from the following modes:

  • relative:
    the slider controls how much time (in percent from the whole clip) is set aside for writing the message. the message will remain in whole in the screen for the rest of the time. if you have enabled cursor (flashing or non-flashing) it will be drawn as well.
  • absolute frames whole
    in this mode you set the absolute number of frames it will take to write the message. the maximum number is 100 frames (3-4 seconds, depending on the project’s PAL/NTSC setting). after the n-th frame is reached, the whole message will be drawn for the rest of the time. if you have enabled cursor (flashing or non-flashing) it will be drawn as well.
  • absolute fps
    in this mode you define (in frames) how long it takes to write a single character. note that in this mode it is possible that not the whole message can be written. if, for example, you have a 10-character message, and use a 10 frame setting, it takes 100 frames to write message. if your clip only has 50 frames, only half of the message will be written.


after the last character is written, the whole message will be drawn for the rest of the time. if you have enabled cursor (flashing or non-flashing) it will be drawn as well.

speed slider
depending on the speed mode pop-up (above), this slider controls how fast the message is written on the clip. if you set it to zero, the whole message will appear at once.

cursor flash
this slider controls how fast the cursor will flash. if you have no cursor selected (cursor pop-up shows ‘none’), this slider is disregarded.

the slider controls the duration (in frames) of a half-cycle. for example, if you set the slider to 1, the cursor will be visible for one frame, and invisible for the next. if you set it to 3, it will be visible for 3 consecutive frames, and invisible the next 3 frames.

if you set the flashing speed to ‘0’, the cursor will not flash.



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price : USD 5.50

version 2.0.0