turn clip

what is it?
this free iMovie plug-in rotates your clip exactly 90, 180 or 270 degrees. since DV clips are not square, parts of the clip will be lost when rotating 90 or 270 degrees, and the clip will show bands of a (user defined) color left and right of the formerly narrow parts.

what should I use it for?
use this plug-in whenever you need to rotate your clip for 90 degrees or 180 degrees (e.g. back-projections)

version 3 requires OS X 10.4 or newer.



background color:
this color control lets you select the color that will be revealed when parts of the rotated clip fall off-screen, or that are cropped

if this box is checked, the clip is cropped to the contents of the active area. everything that is not originally inside the active area will be set to the background color.

the turned image can be clipped to the active area box. it will be clipped when this box is checked.

active area:
the area inside this rectangle will be turned. everything outside will be cropped, and assumes the chosen background color (see above).

select all:
pressing this button will select the whole clip as active area.

movie slider, forward, backward:
use this slider to move through the currently selected clip.

this slider controls how much of the original footage will shine through. (not available in version 3)

this slider controls how much to turn the clip. it recognizes four settings: 0, 90, 180, and 270 degrees.

we strongly recommend that you take a look at our ‘aspect ratio’ plug-in, as iMovie’s internal codec will very likely distort the result’s aspect ratio (due to video’s non-square pixel format. you can see that it’s not our plug-in that does the distortion by rotating twice, and seeing the aspect ratio restored).


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price : FREE

version 3.0.0

old ppc-only version (runs with OS 10.1)