this defines the ‘zoom’ area that displays the contents of the blue ‘source’ rectangle. note that this area does not necessarily has to have the same proportions as the source area. this way you can distort the zoomed area as much as you like. to force both areas to have the same proportions, check the ‘keep prop’s’ box.

note also that the zoom area doesn’t have to be larger than the source.

to activate the zoom zoom

what is it?

use this plug to magnify (or minify) part of the clip and display it either in part of the window or as the whole clip. this plug also supports a unique visual queuing showing you where the zoom comes from. finally, although not very useful, you may define the zoom window’s transparency.

this plug cannot improve the quality of the footage. if you zoom part of the picture, very soon you will see a ‘pixellation’ effect, i.e. the picture becomes blocky. the plug does everything it can to interpolate between pixels, but the limits of these algorithms are reached when you go beyond 4x4 magnification.

what should i use it for?

use this plug whenever you want to draw attention to a detail in a clip, or simply magnify part of a clip.



price : USD 2.50

version 2.0.0

blue rectangle:
this defines the area that shall be magnified (also called ‘source’ ). to activate, click inside of it. to move it, click and drag inside of it. to resize it, click and drag the rectangle’s handles.

green rectangle:
rectangle, click inside of it. to move it, click and drag inside of it. to resize it, click and drag the rectangle’s handles.

to switch between rectangles, click outside the currently active (the

one with handles) and inside the other rectangle.

modify pop-up:
this pop-up lets you select the source and zoom rectangles in case one obscures the other.

keep prop’s:
if you choose this option, the currently active rectangle will always re-adjust it’s size to preserve the other rectangle’s proportions. note that you can switch this independent for blue and green.

frame color:
if you want the zoom area to be framed, here’s where you choose the frame color

if you want a frame to appear around your picture, check this box

this defines the zoomed area’s transparency

if you want the zoom area ‘spring out’ of the source area and move to it’s position, use this slider. you specify the time it takes to arrive at the zoom position in percent of the whole clip’s time.

this is the reverse of zoom-in. at the end of the clip, you may want the zoom window to collapse back into the picture where it originated. again, you can specify how long this will take.

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