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cf/x iMovie plug-ins.

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b/w colorizer

converts a clip to monochrome - and you tell what color that monochrome is.

above threshold

sets all pixels above an r/g/b threshold to a certain color. you pick the color that pixels will be set to and adjust threshold.

color control

reduce or increment the amount of a color channel. set each channel separately (red, green, blue).

channel control

control the amount of red, green, and blue directly.

color exchanger

choose a target color. set a maximum deviance. choose a replace color. now the plug will replace all colors that are sufficiently similar to the target with the exchange color. if you want, the replacing color can have the same deviance.

cycle color

exchange red, green, and blue channels (cyclic).


make the picture darker/brighter. add relative values, or fixed absolute values -- in the same pass!

flatten channel

selectively reduce each channel's color information (r/g/b) from 8 to 1 bits. each channel can be set to 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, or 1 bits of depth.

flatten color

reduce color information from 8 to 1 bit (as 'flatten channel', except all channels use same bit depth). color can be set to 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, or 1 bits of depth

negate b/w

convert clip to black/white, then invert it, producing a negative -- all in one pass! select level of inversion - this means you can also use this plug to produce a b/w clip (this is no great deal - until you realise that the b/w plug that comes with iMovie does not permit area of effect...)

negate color

selectively negate one to all color channels. set level of inversion individually.

neutralise channel

reduce amount of color of one channel without making the picture darker -- "bleach out" color

under threshold

sets all pixels below an r/g/b threshold to a certain color. you pick the color that pixels will be set to and control threshold.

throb color

select a color. all pixels close enough to that color with 'throb' (oscillate) in a settable speed towards a settable color. you can also set severity.


emphasise strong colors. set color emphasis and sensitivity. set neutral value (note that there is a plug called 'emphasise color' that targens only one color).


make a clip flicker in intensity. set intensity of flicker and and it's speed

line noise

make random noise appear in your clip that looks like a variety of transmission problems. set noise's occurence and severity. select if noise is b/w or color.

twist color

turn the color of clip around the color circle. set twist degrees. this plug can also animate turning the color. if animated, you set not only the final twist degrees but the number of full revolutions through the color circle.

hard contrast

simple premise, cool effect: every pixel becomes either "left" or "right" color. you set "left", "right" color and threshold. this plug makes great stylized effects!


the plug that they said that couldn't exist. it can emulate almost any other color effects plug. here's what it does: you program a separate formula for each channel (red, green, blue, alpha). example: r=255*y/h, g = 255*(1-y/h), b=0, a=255*x/w. then you let it work.

grid master

divide clip's active area into a rectangular gid. select grid and shadow color. you may disable the shadow. the plug lets you scale grid to active area, set number of grid lines horizontal and vertically, it's opacity and the line thickness.


create a panel in the clip (base effect for later additional processing). set opacity of panel. set color of panel frame and color of panel itself (separately). set line thickness of panel frame. set roundness (anything from rectangle to oval).

pict in clip (static)

place any picture in your clip - position it, scale it (with optional enforced proportions), make it transparent, and even add a frame with a color of your choosing.

rgb curve adjust

gain photoshop-level control over your clip's color. this plug provides three 256-band channel arrays and more strange pre-sets than you can shake your mouse at. this is pro stuff - at consumer price!

rgb equalizer

another photoshop-level power tool to control your clip's color. this plug provides three 256-band graphic equalizers and over ten pre-sets.

emphasize color

instead of emphasizing strong colors (as the plug 'emphasis' does), this plug lets you choose a color (and similar colors) and (de-)emphasizes this color according to your specifications.

pict in clip (moving)

this is as 'pict in clip (static)', except that the picture can move and scale (you define starting position and size as well as ending position and size).

rgb trini

make the clip look like it was projected onto a giant rgb panel / display. you can scatter the rgb pixels, or have them in a line. in addition, you can boost the brightness.

scan lines

introduce scan lines (or other regularly spaced horizontal lines) into your clip. scan lines can be of any color, have any size and separation you choose. even though it's highly unneccesary, you can also control their transparency.


make picture-in-picture zoom, zoom portion to whole clip, distort zoom, or minify whole clip into smaller window. this plug also provides unique 'zoom origin' and 'shrink back to source' effects.

brightness curve adjust

photoshop-level control over the brightness of your clip.

brightness equalizer

more photoshop level control for your clip's brightness. more intuitive to use than brightness curve adjust, but not as powerful.

band disturbance

effect that mimics the vertically scrolling bar when filming a tv screen or monitor.

upper cap

limit the brightness of each color channel (red, green, blue).

lower cap

ensure minimum brightness of each color channel (red, green, blue).

b/w plus one

this plug converts a clip to grayscale - except for one color that you can choose that remains untouched.

b/w gradual

fade colors from a clip. you define how much the colors should be faded (from none to full). when fully faded, the clip is grayscale, not dark.

cycle channel

cycle red, green, and blue channels individually

multiple pictures

add as many pictures to your clip as you like. each picture has it's own starting position, size, time of entry and time of exit. and of course you can edit each picture's position and size on the real clip's surface.

chroma key (picture)

best-of-class compositing ("blue-", "green-screening") plug. select any color that the plug regards as 'invisible'. apply this to either picture or clip, and then superimpose picture and clip. supports five chroma-keying and eight alpha post-processing methods. this is pro-level stuff with cf/x-style ease-of-use. and if you don't know what we talk about, simply read the manual!


shrink the clip so that it occupies only a small window inside it's own frame. you can specify a background picture and color. this plug supports shrink-in and zoom-back functions.

multiple movies

add as many movies and/or pictures to your clip as you want. animate position and size. also supports pictures with transparency and animated pictures, such as GIF. this plug can adjust a movie clip's replay speed to fit exactly into the time slot assigned. one of our many must-haves.

edge detect ("pencil")

convert a movie into an animated pencil drawing, or create some stunning outline- and contrast effects.


turn a clip into a b/w or color half-tone animation.

snow flakes

add a snow storm to your clip. more features than you'd ever believe! finish that xmas special now!

movie canvas

turn iMovie into a paint program and paint into your movie. great for correcting artifacts, creating special effects, or just some old-fashioned doodling!

chromakey movie

another best-of-class compositing tool. it works like chromakey static, except that it accepts movies as second source. when using movies, you have the option of synchronizing movie playing time.

rgb only one

evaluates each pixel and let's only the channel with the highest value pass: 'there can only be one!'. silly, but still an interesting effect.


remove those parts of your clip that you don't want to see. those parts are replaced by a color of your choosing

simple rotate

rotate (and animate) parts of your clip. it's like crop, except that you can rotate the part that is cropped.

simple mask

the plug that makes masking simple, efficient and fun. this plug packs an incredible punch, while being extremely simple to use. in addition to the eight native and user-configurable mask generators, it can import any picture as a mask. and our art department chipped in with thirty high-quality masks that are simply too good to miss.

simple canvas

this is a simplified version of movie canvas. it allows only one canvas for the whole clip, but is otherwise identical. this plug is ideal for simple annotations or animated greeting cards.

motion detect

highlight motion in your clips. it does this by comparing to successive frames, and high-lighting differences between those frames. the plug has additional controls to amplify changes, and to suppress very small changes. it can also super-impose the original frame over the changes.

roll clip

rolls your clip left/right and up/down. parts that fall off screen on one side simply wrap to the other side. of course, you can let this effect only happen inside an area chosen by you.

shift clip

this is the companion plug-in to 'roll clip', except that instead of rolling, parts that are shifted off-screen remain offscreen. you can choose the color of the background that is revealed.

noise filter (combine)

this is a plug-in for very specialized applications: noise-reduction in low-light situations. it is based on the noise reduction method used in astronomy: combine two or more pictures of the same object, and eliminate noise by averaging. naturally, this plug-in works well only with clips that do not have fast-moving objects.

distort & twist

grab any corner of the clip, and move it wherever you want. watch as you twist, stretch, flip, compress and otherwise distort the clip. apply a background picture, and you have an incredibly cool effect that's as great to look at as it's fun to create (and yes, we couldn't stop playing with this plug either!).

eliminate borders

based on a request from tim gregg, this free plug-in zooms your clip slightly, and thereby pushes out the original's border. it has been specifically written for the task of removing those ungainly borders that sometimes appear when converting from analog to digital source. the plug-in can preserve your clip's proportions, or let you alter horizontal and vertical zoom separately.

quicksilver / rainbow

quicksilver / rainbow is by far one of the most ambitioned, advanced, and versatile color effects plug-in you'll come across. convert your movie clip to quicksilver, give it psychadelic colors, make it a warm autumn afternoon, a cold surreal dream, or simply a b&w clip with varying photo paper sensitivity. the possibilities are endless, and, since the plug-in supports live preview, fun to explore.

turn clip

a plug-in that rotates your clip 90, 180, or 270 degrees

aspect ratio

this plug-in can change the clip's appearent aspect ratio for either standard (4:3 TV, 16:9 TV, PAL DV, NTSC DV, VGA) or non-standard aspect ratios. it provides bi-cubic interpolation for enlargements for higher quality

photo paper

this plug-in simulates different kinds of black & white photo papers. you have control over the paper's sensitivity, enabling you to create some very nice 'film noire' and other artistic effects.


create digital halos, obscure parts of a clip, or protect the innocent with this plug-in. individual control over vertical and horizontal pixel size, as well as opacity.


jerk is a free iMovie plug-in that will make motion in a clip 'jerky', giving the clip a distinctively surreal, nightmarish quality. the plug-in can reduce frame rates (fps) from 30 (DV) to anything around 1.8. one use is to give your clip a 'super-8' feeling (especially in conjunction with our 'flicker' plug-in).

mix / blend movies

this is it - simply the best movie mixing plug available for iMovie. it combines the capabilites of our ‘minify’, 'multiple movies' and 'simple mask' plug-ins into a single, powerful, and incredibly easy-to-use package, and then improves on them! within seconds you can mix, blend, and synchronize two clips in a professional and -- above all -- fun way. create burning knock-out letters, documentaries, video-walls, or whatever crosses your mind. this plug-in will combine two movies in more ways than you thought possible.

gauss blur

cool down your cpu, get that second processor, and crank up the gigahertz - gauss blur has arrived to humble your mac. and an impressive plug it is. not only can it 'gaussblur' an area of your clip (horizontally and vertically independently!), it'll also give your mac's fans (and we are talking ventilation here) a reason to exist! download it now!


color control in the hue-saturation-value color space. directly increase vividness of your color, or shift color hue


color control in the hue-saturation-lightness color space. directly increase vividness of your color, or shift color hue


color control in the cyan-magenta-yellow color space. directly increase cyan, magenta, and yellow components


the one-stop histogram plug-in that will do any imaginable color histogram for your clip - and free, too!

drop shadow

take a picture. define invisible color. place above clip. abracadabra! everything that's not invisible casts a cool shadow on your clip. this plug-in is so cool that even we can't believe it. it has it all - a touch of chromakey, some masking, a good measure of gaussblur, and some rolling. shake, stir, and pour liberally over your clip. done is an effect that otherwise would take hours to create - not to mention five different plugs. get it now. oh - and upgrade your mac if you want that dissolve and live feedback...

color storm

prepare to be blown away. color effects are back - with a vengeance! this radical color effect is different in almost every way. firstly, it sports over 2500 alien color effects that defy any description (other than, well, alien). it manages to make quicksiler / rainbow look positively pale in comparison. for it's effects it is based on more chaos then theroy, but that fact seemed to help. and finally, it works - but don't ask us how. explore 15 different 'storm fronts', and ride the turbolences until you have found your effect. definitely not for the faint at heart.

color by picture

this small, elegant plug-in does something unexpected: it uses a clip for contrast, and a picture for color information. with it, you can super-impose a picture's color information on a clip, creating some stunning (if disorientating) effects.

airport text

our first title plug-in. incredibly strong features, rather weak effect. it emulates the letter-arrays in older airport panels. but hey, it's free, and still cool

any color fade

our first set of transitions. fade to any color and/or back. neat, small, free. what else could you want?

frame edit

the ultimate movie editor. it's a fully fledged drawing application that lets you edit every single frame of your clip - packed into an iMovie plug-in.

random pixel fade

a transition that randomly dissolves from one clip to another (or to a color, or from a color).

smooth / interlace

make your slow-motion footage look better - and interlace your source for better quality on analog displays.

split & slide transition

split your clip, and slide the parts any direction you like.

noise fade transitions

fade to or fade from static noise. you decide what color, and what severity that noise has

color height transition

fade one clip to another, and let the pixels decide when and how to transition...

burn through transitions

let the color of the next clip 'burn' through the colors of the current.

random line transitions

fade from one clip to the other line-by-line (horizontally and vertically)

pixel pull transitions

pull pixels out of the clip, and give the clip the appearance of being made from very elastic rubber

soft wipes transitions

use a great number of different wipes between fades, and control the softness of the wipe

rectangles! transitions

over 2 million different transitions based on rectangle-sequences

turn page transitions

a 'turn page' effect - complete with drop shadow that falls on the underlying clip.

pixellate transitions

based on pixellate, this plug-in enlarges progressively enlarges pixels in a clip. you can contrl horizontal and vertical maximum pixellation

multi wipe transitions

just like soft wipes, except more. you can can perform the same transition up to six times until they reach full opacity.

clip snapshot

this very special plug-in takes snapshots from any frame, and exports it to clipboard, or various different file formats. and all from within iMovie.


the only timer plug-in you'll ever need. more features than you can shake a stop watch at, and an interface thats cooler than liquid helium. real-time timer, count-down, and calculated time. any font, any place any color. more than two hands full of different time formats. transparency. you need it , this plug-in has it.

flip page transitions

a cool transition that flips the current clip over to reveal the next on it's back side. set 3D depth of field and background color.

3d cube

this effect lets you wrap your clip around a cube - which you then can spin in 3d. cool, niftly little effect that showcases our 3d engine.

typewriter / computer

an effect that emulates a typewriter or a computer - along with different cursor modes, backgrounds, and effective timing.

simple caption

adding text to clips the way it was meant to be... this plug-in lets you add any text message anywhere on the screen - easily. you need this plug-in, trust us on that one.

emboss (tinted)

embosses your clip, and lets you re-mix with original. added features include simultaneously adding a tint to the clip.

3d color rotate

literally billions of possible color effects. select fix color. rotate all other colors in the clip around this color. in three directions.

lens filter

digitally emulate over a million different lens filters for your camera. and if that is not enough, create your own, and import them into this incredibly powerful plug-in.
use this plug-in to enhance almost any clip, create color themes, and touch up that scenic shot that was almost perfect!

shift / roll color

our take on a computer's strange color concept. this plug-in provides various incomprehensible methods to alter your clip's colors. if you like color storm or quicksilver/rainbow, you'll love this one.

mis-align rgb

simulate a TV with broken vertical / horizontal beam alignment to produce some cool image effects.

line cross-pull transitions

divides the clip into a user-defined number of lines that are pulled in opposite directions out of the frame, revealing the clip underneath. simple, elegant, cool.

tile explosion

divides your clip into over 160 tiles, and then animates the tiles. explosions, crumbling walls, you name it. cool, if a bit flashy set of transitions. use with care.

adjust size

simultaneously crops, enlarges and shrinks your clip. sports precise size control, and bicubic interpolation for improved quality.

advanced crop

crop your clip to any shape, or puch holes of any shape into your plug. replace cropped parts with a color or part of a picture. blend result back into original

simple zoom

emulates a zoom lens, allowing you to zoom part of the clip

align & straighten

allows you to correct a clip that was filmed with the camera held at an angle

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