flip page transitions

flip page are a set of iMovie transitions that imitate a 3D ‘page flipping’ effect (very much like flipping a postcard over), with one clip being ‘turned out’ of the clip, revealing the next clip on the back side. you can control the 3D depth of the transition.

included transitions:

  • crossfade:
    first clip is turned over, revealing the second clip.
  • fade in:
    screen is set to user-preferred color. this is then flipped over to reveal clip underneath.
  • fade out:
    clip is flipped over to reveal user-preferred color.


this pop-up allows you to choose the direction into which the clip will be turned. you have the choice between left, right, up, and down.

background (bckgnd) color
this color control allows you to choose the color of the background that is revealed during the 3D flipping effect

this slider controls how pronounced the 3D effect will be.



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price : USD 2.50

version 1.0.0