rectangles! transitions

rectangles! is a set of advanced alpha-blend transitions for iMovie that provide over 2 million different spectacular transitions (and that is without counting the intro- end exit transitions or the variants possible from using the active rectangle).

the transitions work by dividing the clip into up to 10’000 rectangles that can be blended individually. the rectangles are then assembled into one of over forty pre-programmed sequences.

the transitions provide controls to manipulate blending speed, and horizontal, as well as vertical subdivisions. after defining the number of individual rectangle and their transition speed, you choose their transitions sequence. the plug-in provides over 40 different pre-programmed sequences to fade the rectangles, from left/right straight wipes over triangles and spirals to circular shapes

included transitions:

  • crossfade:
    fades from clip a to clip b
  • fade in:
    fades from a color into the clip
  • fade out:
    fades a clip to a color


a few examples:


price : USD 7.50

version 3.0.0u


this slider controls how many times the horizontal axis is subdivided (1 to 100)

this slider controls how many times the vertical axis is subdivided (1 to 100)

this slider controls how long an individual rectangle transitions from A to B

randomized duration:
if this checkbox is set, the duration (above) is shortened by a random amount per rectangle

this pop-up controls the sequence in which the individual rectangles are transitioned

color (fade-in / fade out only):
this controls which color should be transitioned to, or transitioned from


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old ppc-only version (runs with OS 10.1)